Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Obsession du Jour: Wedges

Hey hey beautiful ladies (and gentlemen) it has literally been centuries since I updated my blog but here I am at long last after taking time out to recover from a broken heart ;) I won't delve too much into the subject but all i can say is girls, guard your hearts!! Apologies again for being such a bad bad blogger I really don't deserve to have all you loyal followers, however I do have a myriad of posts lined up for you guys real soon.

It seems as though I have been doing a lot of retail therapy recently to feed my shoe addiction - as you may be able to tell from my flat shoe post here and I just wanted to share with you these amazingly-cool wedges I instantly snapped up after seeing them hidden away on a shelf in a quiet area in H&M on Monday. It's extremely rare for me to ever find shoes in my size in H&M and usually they are all out of really nice styled shoesies, infact these are the 2nd pair of shoes from H&M that I own, so I was absolutely elated when I spotted these. I reallllllly can't wait to wear them and I'm 101% sure they will be superglued to my feet this Summer.

Quickkk girls run run run and go and get these before they're gone!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

OOTD: Intoxicated with desire

Todays 'outfit of the day' is a la Kate Moss style. I adore her effortless, simple, thrown on together look and think I might stick to this look religiously during these hot Summer months, where it's fairly appropriate to wear short shorts ;) I found this v neck nightwear t-shirt in a sale rack looking all sad and lonely so couldn't leave the shop without being its new proud owner, I'm so glad I spotted it though, i have great plans for it and will compliment statement necklaces really well (and also loving how i'm personifying a t-shirt - think i might be loosing some of my sanity). Top tip of the week - dress with more of an open mind, it's okay to wear pajama t-shirts out, unless they have cute fluffy pandas on them..

What look will you be sporting this Summer? PS. thank you all sososo much for your sweet comments below on my nail tutorial, i always feel so overwhelmed with your kind words