Sunday, 30 August 2009


Hi dolls,
you may of heard me mention motel before and i noticed they had free UK delivery this weekend so go order your motel asap! I grabbed this dress that was in the sale for only 15 pounds! Such a bargain for something so pretty and unique


Thursday, 27 August 2009

My big sister's wedding

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
long time no speak! It feels like I haven't posted anything up for quite some time and that's due to organising my sisters wedding, helping her move out, entertaining guests etc etc. It was a hectic weekend I can tell you that! I got 3 hours sleep before the wedding and goodness knows if she had anymore than me, I'm sure she was quaking in her boots! The day was full of running around in 4inch heels *ouch*, 13 course meal, gazzilions of people, 3 ceremonies and much more! So here are just a few snaps of her big day on 23/08/09:

I will be posting some professional pictures that were taken once we recieve them ^_^
Thank you all for reading, commenting and following!!


Friday, 21 August 2009

Pink peach coral crazy

Evening lovelys!
Just a quick post to let you know my AS results that i got yesterday. I received a big fat U for law and 3 B's for - English Language, Psychology and Health and Social care ^_^ my results were far better than expected. Anyway I decided to treat myself today to a few things:

Today I dyed my hair this dark brown colour because my sister wanted my hair dark for the wedding - what a nightmare she is! It was a shock once i washed out the dye! I forgot what i looked like with dark hair. I'm not quite sure how the colour looks in the light yet cause i dyed it this evening :( hopefully it's not all patchy tommorrow...

Yesss the acrylic nails are back! Oh how i love them. My lovely Mummy got me this gorggggggggggggggggggggggeous matte dolly pink colour, and trust me, this picture doesn't do the colour ANY justice at all. I seriously say you should all get this if you're into pinks. It's by 'Colour club' in number 389, 'Dreamin'.

This oversized coral ring is from Primark!!

Can you believe it for £1.50.. Iwas shocked too


I fancied getting a new lipstick whilst i was in Superdrug and wanted to try a Barry M lip paint, so i decided to go for the 147, a very pretty light but bright (if that makes any sense?) matte pinky peachy colour. Me being me squished the tip of the lipstick as soon as I opened it lmao >.<>


Wednesday, 19 August 2009


For hardly any updates lately :( It's been a busy week preparing for my sisters wedding on Sunday!! I'll be very glad when this week is overrrrrrrrrr. AND also I get my AS level results tomorrow boo hoo :'( Wish me luck, I reallyreallyyreally need it! I'm expecting no more than 3 C's and 1 F, but only time will tell...

Hope you're all enjoying the summer.. or at least what is left of it
The weather truely does suck A LOT this year >.< urgh I wish I was living in Hawaii or somewhere. Does anyone want to trade lives with me for a week or two? ^_^

Lots of love,



Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Birmingham buys ♥

Dear Readers,
So this post was supposed to be published on Sunday butttttt I've been terribly tired/busy to take and upload pictures onto my laptop to show you guys some pictures. But I've found some time this afternoon to do some blogging yay! :) On Saturday I went to visit the other half in Birmingham to take a look around some shops in the 'Bullring'. After the 3 hour and a half train journey, I was exhaustedddd and did not feel like shopping one bit (I thought I'd never ever say that in my entire life) so we only popped into a few shops.

I was happily greeted by the boyfriend at the station with a little gift that I have been dying to get for a long long time!! Here we introduce the 'Melange Jersey Pocket skirt' in 'Heather black' that retails for £25.00. You can find it here on: store . americanapparel . co . uk / com. American Apparel really floats my boat lmao, everything is so wearable, versatile and casual. The thing that I love most is that each piece can look ever so different each time you wear it because they can be teamed up with almost anything. For example, this skirt could be worn with a slouchy t-shirt and plimsoles for a comfortable look or with platforms and a bandaeu top for a night out.

I was eager to go in Urban Outfitters because I don't have a store here in Portsmouth, so he wisked me there as soon as I arrived in Birmingham and I found these cute studded pumps. I ♥ them and they look killer with leggings, a black lace top and a fitted leather jacket.

That was all I got on Saturday, apart from lunch from Pizza Express mMmm!

Other things I bought this week:

I was in Superdrug and noticed they had some good offers on hair care so I bought some Aussie Miracle Hair insurance leave in conditioner - a saviour for wear, distressed hair. I've bought this before and loved it, mainly because of the sweet scent and cheap price! It doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy or dirty like other hair products do. This product says it 'helps detangle and protect' and it certainly does that as well as leaving my hair feeling a little softer than usual! If you're in the UK please do go and have a browse at the Aussi range in superdrug, they are offering buy one get one half price on top of the reduction! I bought this 250ml spray for £3.37.

I needed an eye cream so I popped into Sallys and found this Chi vital eye gel for £8.99 for a 15ml tube which says it 'hydrates and protects the delicate skin around the eye'. I have been using this every morning and evening but have not noticed any difference around my eye area (I'm not sure if i'm supposed to but anyhoo). However it is very refreshing when it's applied on the eye contour, it's too bad i haven't seen any results yet. Do you know of any good eye creams to help reduce baggy eyes?

Lots of love


Friday, 14 August 2009

Blog sale?

Good afternoon dear bloggers,
I was just wondering if I should do a blog sale and if any of you guys would be interested in it. I have so many unwanted, unworn clothes that are just left clogging up my wardrobe that desperately NEED to go to a loving new home. I used to sell my clothes/bags/jewelerry and so on, on, myspace but have become very sick of time wasters and scammers so I thought it might be a good idea to sell things on here instead :) rather than on ebay because i'm not too fond of paying all the fees etc. Should I give it a try on here? Yes/No?

Here's a sneak peak of the things that will be most likely put up for sale:

Lots of love,


Thursday, 13 August 2009

Pretty little things

Hiiii :)
Hope you have all been enjoying your weekend, the weather has been slightly poor in the South >.< Here is my eye make up todayyyyyy and a few things I have purchased this week or quite recently.

My first ever
Mac Mineralise skinfinish in Perfect topping:
I bought this in the CCS - cosmetics company store or the CCO as it's mostly known as for a mere £11.99 (what an absolute bargain) and believe it to be from the sugar sweet collection? I'm really glad I picked this up because there were only 3 left! It's perfect for the summer and adds a warm glow to the face - can be used as a highlighter or bronzer to leave you looking radiant. I have been using this almost every day since I bought it and apply it onto my cheek bones, forehead and nose as its very versatile and compliments any make up look ♥ I am really quite happy I bought this as it transforms my dull face in the morning and also makes your face looking very natural rather than powdery or greasy looking - yay! What do you think about Perfect topping? Are there any other MSF that you would reccommend?

This necklace reminds me so much of the DSK necklaces that everyone is raving on about.
If you're in the UK and want to get your hands on some DSK but can't then try looking in Debenhams. My Mum bought this for me in Debehams for £7.50 reduced from £15.00 which is another bargain find :) The flower shape crystal is gorgeeeeeousssssssssss, it's yellow but shimmers all different colours in the light and looks like it should be worth more than £7.00 lmao >.<>

More bargains! £1.00 from Claire's
Very boho and perfect for the Summer
These pretty earrings that feature dragon flys are also from Debenhams for - £6.00
First time buying jewelerry from Debehams and found two really cute items. I am a happy bunny ^_^
There will be more show and tells to come! Tomorrow infact because I went to visit my boyfriend in Birmingham today and we went shopping ^_^
Please take care everyone

Friday, 7 August 2009

Why oh why

Just a quick post as I feel sooooooooooo dead 0_0
yayyy i'm £50 richer! i helped out at my mums friends shop for 5 hours this evening and she gave me £50 to say thanks ^_^ i'm still figuring out what i want to spend the money on when i go see the other half <3

I bought this little cute floral cup (please ignore the background mess) in Matalan the other day and thought it would be good to store my make up brushes in. It was only £2 in the sale, reduced from £4 so that was a pretty good bargain find :) AND it matches my eyeliner cup so that's another bonus.

I miss my acrylic nails :( I took them off last week and decided i would have a play around with my nails with some 'nail art' rather than having a plain polish. I think i'm becoming addicted to having acrylic nails, but i can only have them on for as long as a week because i'm a fidgeter and end up peeling them off. Luckily my mum is a nail technician so i can get them done for free >.<>

Alsoooooo, may i ask how i respond to comments under my posts? I hope that none of you think i am being rude or ignorant because i haven't replied becauseeee i'm not too sure if you get my reply if i just respond directly under the comment? >.<>

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Bits and bobs

Dear readers,
today i joined the gym wooooooho! I will be starting tomorrow for two weeks to try to tone up before my sisters wedding considering i'm a bridesmaid (for the first time ever!). I'm so unprepared for everything that i don't even have any sportswear to wear tomorrow >.< So yesterday i was awoken by the postman and recieved my asos package which contained some new cosmetics that i tried out on my 'fotd':

Products used:


  • Couvrance correcteur de teint - Natural 02
  • Eyeko touch up and go concealer
  • Lavera naturkosmetic trend sensitiv loose power - Transparent
  • Models own lip and cheek tint - Rouge Blush


  • Maybeline eye express easy lining pen - Night gray
  • Rimmel london soft kohl pencil - 071 Pure white (bottom inner corner)


  • Models own lip and cheek tint - Rouge Blush
  • Avon - Terracotta

First thoughts are that I loveee the models own lip and cheek tint! It's so easy to apply, doesn't budge throughout the day (on the cheeks), has a light scent of flowers and leaves a natural finish. What more could you ask for? Especially priced at £6.00!!! I'm predicting that this tint will last me until the end of the year as you only need the smallest amount. The nail varnish like applicator means that there will be no wastage too so i'm happy about that :) I'll post some pictures of how it looks tomorrow when i'm not so tired

Marcus Lupfer:

Available from topshop, asos, net-a-porter etc

& The most stunning bag of this week goes to..

oh and i discovered something much better than shaving foam (when it decided to run out) so i didn't fancy shaving without any cream or anything so i grabbed... hair conditioner lmao! try it and let me know what you think? ^_^



The Ugly Truth

Hey everyone,
I have been slightly lazy writing up posts hence the last post full of fashion inspiration (which is probably good for a change):D at least you don't have to read a load of ramblejamble! Earlier this evening me and my sister went to see a preview of this film:

First word to describe this movie is that is hilaroussssss. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a film before in my life and the audience were all cracking up too, especially at the vibrating knickers restaurant scene = extremely funny. This is a film full of sexual innuendos, laughs, sexism/battle of the sex's and plenty more. I would highly reccomend this film to those who like romantic comedys, however this one lacks in romance and the storyline is predictable as of any other romantic but it excels with the crude humour and over dramatic scenes that exist throughout the film so it's perfect for both females and males (who seem to shy away from and grumble at the sight of 'romantic' films) as it contains many things we can relate to. I give this a 8/10! Just because we didn't get to see much of the hot guy...*jokes*. ps. i don't think the trailer does the film any justice :(

Better be off to play street fighter, addictive stuffffff >.<

Sunday, 2 August 2009