Thursday, 27 August 2009

My big sister's wedding

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
long time no speak! It feels like I haven't posted anything up for quite some time and that's due to organising my sisters wedding, helping her move out, entertaining guests etc etc. It was a hectic weekend I can tell you that! I got 3 hours sleep before the wedding and goodness knows if she had anymore than me, I'm sure she was quaking in her boots! The day was full of running around in 4inch heels *ouch*, 13 course meal, gazzilions of people, 3 ceremonies and much more! So here are just a few snaps of her big day on 23/08/09:

I will be posting some professional pictures that were taken once we recieve them ^_^
Thank you all for reading, commenting and following!!



  1. !! i love wedddingsss. that is a very unique bouquet - did you catch it? hehe

  2. hehe nooo, she didn't throw it because she wanted to keep it seeing as it had little diamontes inside the flowers! :)