Thursday, 13 August 2009

Pretty little things

Hiiii :)
Hope you have all been enjoying your weekend, the weather has been slightly poor in the South >.< Here is my eye make up todayyyyyy and a few things I have purchased this week or quite recently.

My first ever
Mac Mineralise skinfinish in Perfect topping:
I bought this in the CCS - cosmetics company store or the CCO as it's mostly known as for a mere £11.99 (what an absolute bargain) and believe it to be from the sugar sweet collection? I'm really glad I picked this up because there were only 3 left! It's perfect for the summer and adds a warm glow to the face - can be used as a highlighter or bronzer to leave you looking radiant. I have been using this almost every day since I bought it and apply it onto my cheek bones, forehead and nose as its very versatile and compliments any make up look ♥ I am really quite happy I bought this as it transforms my dull face in the morning and also makes your face looking very natural rather than powdery or greasy looking - yay! What do you think about Perfect topping? Are there any other MSF that you would reccommend?

This necklace reminds me so much of the DSK necklaces that everyone is raving on about.
If you're in the UK and want to get your hands on some DSK but can't then try looking in Debenhams. My Mum bought this for me in Debehams for £7.50 reduced from £15.00 which is another bargain find :) The flower shape crystal is gorgeeeeeousssssssssss, it's yellow but shimmers all different colours in the light and looks like it should be worth more than £7.00 lmao >.<>

More bargains! £1.00 from Claire's
Very boho and perfect for the Summer
These pretty earrings that feature dragon flys are also from Debenhams for - £6.00
First time buying jewelerry from Debehams and found two really cute items. I am a happy bunny ^_^
There will be more show and tells to come! Tomorrow infact because I went to visit my boyfriend in Birmingham today and we went shopping ^_^
Please take care everyone


  1. oh i need to get myself to my cco asap! i forgot all about it :) i like Soft and Gentle msf, i have a mini review of it in my blog. your eyes are so pretty!

  2. i love your eye makeup! and mac msf are great, i love em!!

  3. I love your eyemakeup! what did you use for the lower lashline? it's such a pretty purple!

  4. The eye makeup is amazing! The cat eye never works for me but you look fabulous with it. Nice job!

    Oh, and are those your natural lashes? Either way, they look perfect.

  5. Hi girls! thanks for the lovely comments :) i really appreciate it. I used a liquid liner by 'Palladio' in Lavender for my lower lashline, I bought it from Sallys beauty supply for about £4.99. andddd noo way those arent my natural lashes - i wish! I think ive become hooked on false eyelashes now :(

  6. wow your totally fabulous! i'm your new follower!