Thursday, 8 September 2011


Just been trying out some nails for the transition into Autumn where I've rolled together few of my must try nail trends. I conjured up a camel colour for the nude nail trend, mixing up a few old nail polishes to get a colour that would suit my skin tone (if you want to be economical and create a brand new colour with polishes you already have then refer to this post here). A tip is to use a shade that doesn't match your skin tone, so go with one that's lighter or darker otherwise you'll end up with mannequin looking hands! 

A newcomer nail trend is the new french manicure that is the subtle oval v shape which I love and previously blogged about. It definitely elongates your nails, so if you have shorter nails then you should definitely give this a go. Talking about manicures, the moon manicure has been quite a hit this year. It has been seen on Christian Dior advertisement campaigns to Chanel catwalks, so I decided to do the Lorraine Stanick odd ring finger thing and do a half moon using a chunky glitter. This was a bit tricky so my tip to keep the moon shapes looking sharp would be to use a nail art pen to outline the shape and then fill it in. And my thumbs got treated by the polish pattern graphics trend with ropes using this seasons gold and brown metallic colours.

It would be rude not to show you my new favourite addition to my wardrobe. I can't leave without sharing this fringe sleeve detailed body-con dress which I have been searching for in different Topshop stores for literally the past 2 months. I was elated when I spotted it on the rails whilst shopping when I was staying at my boyfriends, and it was just my luck since it was the last in my size. Just had a quick peek on Topshop and it's now in the sale so nab it whilst you can girls! Might do a haul post showing what I've bought recently, what do you reckon?  

PS. sorry about the awful quality of my pictures recently. It's so annoying that I've had to take them on my Macbook since I have no camera battery.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


When there are grey skies and piercing rain outside your window, this depressing time of the year calls for nail painting time. I decided to grow my nails since taking off my Acrylics and spruce them up after I've been wearing the same fruit salad colour over and over for the last two weeks ('cause it was the only colour I purchased whilst staying at my boyfriends house) felt like I was living the dream only having one nail polish. And may I just add it was just my luck that it was the worst nail polish I've ever bought, the brush itself is awful and the application was uneven, looked lumpy and chipped after a day and a half - wasn't even worth the mere £1.79 I paid, sorry Collection 2000 lovers. 

Here's my fashionable version of the made over classic French Manicure (bar the odd one if you can spot it!). If you're sick of the staple white tip but still want classy and chic nails that are easy to do then try painting a subtle v shape down the edge of the nail as opposed to going the whole way around the nail. To make this less of a challenge you can do this with a nail art brush or pen which I've seen Models Own have recently brought out in Superdrug/Boots. I was debating whether to go all out and go crazy but decided on a muted pink with a black tip to keep them versatile and have an understated feel but you could experiment using the new seasons A/W shades - from metallics, sea blues to earthy hues. A nude colour with a red tip would look fab for the transition into Autumn.