Monday, 26 April 2010

Highly desirable closets

If I could, I would have a wardrobe containing pieces from all these beautiful fashionistas:

Oh and if I could have Chase Crawford from GG in my wardrobe then my life would be complete ;) Sorry for the lack of posts since the end of my easter holidays - so much work, so little time to relax plus the added relationship dilemas = all work no play! *sigh* Hopefully more posts to come soon girls ♥

Friday, 16 April 2010

Why waste a perfectly good flower

when you know he loves you not

'Relationships are worth fighting for, but sometimes you can’t be the only one fighting. At times, people need to fight for you. If they don’t, you must move on and realize what you gave them was more than they were willing to give you. Hopefully, people realize great things when they come around and don’t lose something real. Always fight, until you can’t anymore, and then be fought for...'

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

O.P.I Nail Lacquers

Good evening beautiful bloggers and hello to all my new followers! Today was a very unexpected day. Last night i found out that i was back at college today.. i genuinely thought that i was returning back next Wednesday so it was a shock to the system as i wasn't prepared to return back to normality. I was really looking forward to spending another week relaxing and lounging around the house but nevermind i kind of enjoy having a routine again even if it means rushing around to do work!

As it's now officially Spring, i thought i would show you a few nail polish colours that i will be sporting throughout the warmer months. I often wear black during the Autumn and throughout winter so it will be great to get some more colour into my life to celebrate the warm and brighter weather and wear some bright/pastel colours without it feeling wrong. I noticed on Grazia that blues and greens are huge for this summer so i will definately be wearing these colours below. I have been on the look out for a bright baby blue/sky colour and have spotted a gorgeous nail paint by Barry M. I've never tried Barry M nail paints before so i'm curious to know if they are they worth buying and do they last a sufficient amount of time? I really love O.P.I nail polishes though, but not so much the price, they never let me down so i would highly recommend them to any nail polish fanatic.

L to R: Teal the cows come home, Jade is the new black - from the Hong Kong Collection, Hey! get in lime

L to R: 22 (sorry the label has been taken off), Shootout the Oak coral, Napples necter

Pink - Got a date to-knight! & Glitter - Mad as a hatter

Here is my NOTD. Sorry for the dry cuticles - i didn't apply any cuticle oil prior to taking the photo! I have got to say that I really love the Mad as a hatter nail polish which was released in the Alice in wonderland collection, it is the perfect glitter polish i have come across EVER. I am really impressed with this colour - what you see if what you get and it fills the whole nail with glitter without leaving any gaps or patchy areas with only two coats! Have you got your paws on this colour yet? What do you think of it?

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

J'aime ♡ shoes

I thought I would do a quick post today showing you my favourite shoes as it's the perfect time to ditch the winter boots and introduce shoes into my life again since the sun has made a lovely appearance! I think i can safely say that i am a shoe-o-holic! I just need a perfect pair of wedges, cream brogues and some military style lace up boots and my life will be complete. My new years resolution was to not buy any shoes.. and i can admit that it was quite a ridiculous resolution to make because i can't resist a pretty pair of shoes. Did anyone else make any resolutions they didn't stick to?

I am a size 3.5 which is pretty frustrating as many shops don't supply half sizes so i rarely find shoes that fit like a glove so i either have to buy shoes that are tight or a little loose. My favourite colour of shoe is black which i feel is such a versatile colour that compliments any outfit. Here are a few of my black shoes; if you like the two in the middle then i think they are still in stores, the zip up ones are from Aldo and the pair on the right are from Topshop.

My favourite:

Sporty casual
I tag everyone who wants to do this! Please show me your fave shoesies
and link me to your post

Sunday, 11 April 2010

FOTD & Paperchase love

Happy Sunday bloggerinos! I have always disliked Sundays in the past because it meant waking up early to go to Church, food shopping, the end of the weekend and the day to do last minute homework for the week ahead. Sunday is meant to be a day of rest however it seems more of a chore to me! But i now i have begun embrace Sundays especially as i can spend much needed time with my mummy - in starbucks with a coffee frappachino yumyumyuym. Whats your favourite starbucks drink? That's if you don't hate it.. i know there are quite a few starbucks haters out there ;)

My mum decided to take me shopping to get a few bits and bobs so we headed to the much beloved Paperchase to get me a few things to organise myself for the next college term - which will consist of a lotlotlot of work and exam preperation. I love paperchase and i will love paperchase eternally mainly because of the pretty stationary it provides for people like me who do not have the motivation to revise unless there is something appealing in front of their eyes. I spotted this really cute recyled tree printed diary so i decided to get it since my college one is battered to pieces and i'm the type of person that needs everything to look perfect otherwise i will be put off doing things. For example, if im put off using my diary then i don't write to do lists and it is crucial that i write to do lists, if i don't then i get NOTHING done. haha i sound a bit psychologically abnormal. I also got this random box which i initially thought could be used to throw my revision cards in but now i'm thinking about putting my face creams in it. Or might even save it to put prizes in for my followers contest in the future. Ah im so indecisive!

Eventhough i love Paperchase, i dont half love it as much as my sisters beautiful puppy! My sister named him Remy - her inspiration taken from the fine cognac Remy Martin. I prefer to call him naughty Remy though ;) simply because he is just an absolute terror each time she brings him around to my house for me to puppysit... but its more like puppychase seeing as i have to chase him half way around the house each time he gets his hands on something and tries to destory it ie. my wicker baskets which he has practically nibbled to bits 0_o but i forgive him because he makes my day every time my sister brings him round :') haha i sound like a right sado. Here is a before and after picture of him:


I'm really liking using black underneath my eye whenever i wear coloured contacts to give a 'dolly look'. I'm on a quest to find an amazing black eyeliner that doesn't budge, as well as some kind of cream gel that will help reduce my eye bags. Please help me! Oh and the ELF cream eyeliner that i reviewed in one of my previous posts, i said that it smudges without an eye primer. Well today i tested it out using a primer and it still transferred onto my upper eyelid! However, it didn't on this eye ^^ which isn't as droopy and hooded as my left eye today. My eyelids always mess around and change in size.. has anyone else had this problem before? How can you stop this from happening? I've only found a solution to make it less noticable which is to wear false eyelashes
Products used on eyes:
Urban decay all over eyeshadow - Sellout
Urban decay under lower lashline - Perversion
Urban decay primer potion
Elf cream eyeliner -Black
MAC eye pencil on waterline - Beelicious
Smashbox cream eyeliner on inner corner - Runway
Mac studio finish concealer - NC30
Leather blazer - H&M - still in stores
Stripey top - Primark - still in stores
Locket - Miss selfridge
mucheous love!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

FOTD ft Geo angel blues

Hi lovely bloggers, here if my FOTD showing what the Geo angel blue contact lenses look like on - as requested by many of you in the previous post :) i so badly need my fringe, don't you hate it when your fringe is so long it starts pricking you in the eye and when it starts becoming all gappy? how do i stop this from happening??! *sob* what a bad idea getting a full fringe cut 3 weeks ago, its such a hassle to maintain and is too short to be swept onto the side to be a side fringe. i have stopped using hair straighteners/curling tongs completely since getting my hair cut so i have been wearing it either in a high bun (which has been featured in many catwalk shows recently) or like in the photos below - which was achieved after taking the bun out the next day = easy peasy lemon squeezy

Thought i might as well add in an OOTD considering I haven't done one in a longgg time!

Top - Woody for topshop

Lace trim shorts - H&M

Shoes - Topshop

I really love wearing baggy slouchy t-shirts or anything oversized that looks about 5 sizes too big for me on the top half (great for hiding the overhang belly after a good meal hahaha) and balancing it out with something fitting on the bottom. What is your must have clothing item that everyone should have in their wardrobe right now? Of course mine is a baggy t-shirt like the All Saints one below which I am lusting after this. I'm a sucker for anything that looks way too big, loose and rough and think i might just buy it next time i hit West Quay for some shopping!

These shoes in size UK4/EU37 are for sale for £35.00, the RRP was £65.00 so this is a fair deal for them since they have only been worn a handful of times. If you are interested in buying, please let me know ^_^

Monday, 5 April 2010


If you are a circle lens fanatic or would like to try them out at an affordable price but you are unsure about where to buy them from i would fully recommend this website: to you. I had an extremely pleasant experience buying from this Malaysian contact lens supplier who provide a range of contact lens styles from Geo, Hana and Colourvue. After my first ever circle lens order from another online supplier, i was absolutely put off circle lenses 100% and ever ordering them again due to the poor service which i received. But my mind has been changed since

My experience buying from the first contact lens supplier - coslenses was a complete disaster, for these reasons: 1. The shop is a blog which was very complicated to buy from, for instance i couldn't just add an item into my basket and go to the check out and pay. I had to send an email stating what items I wanted which was quite inconvenient as well as time consuming. 2. Once they received my email (order) they sent me an invoice on paypal to let me know that i should pay - the lenses were around £16.00 each. After paying, i did not receive an email from coslenses notifying me that they received my payment which was quite worrying for me. 3. My order took well over a month to arrive even though the shop owners repeatedly said that my items would be shipped within the month. Even though i fully well knew that i wouldn't receive my package immediately, i wasn't expecting them to come two and a half weeks late! 4. When i FINALLY received my lenses, they didn't even have the geo stickers on the little glass bottles. They were on a separate sheet of paper within the envelope. I mean, at least stick them on! 5. I bought two pairs of lenses, whenever i wear the brown ones, they are comfortable for at least 4 hours where as the green ones are incredibly painful as soon as i put them in my eye : (no matter how many times i clean them, they always hurt each and every time i attempt to wear them) so i never wear the green ones which was a bit of a waste. So there you go.. i will never buy from this blog shop ever again.

I can say that i have definitely learnt from this experience that i should do more research before making irrational purchases online, which is one of the reasons why i decided to write this post, to inform you bloggers of a trustworthy and secure website to shop from.

In comparison to coslenses, candylens provided excellent and high quality service. I bought the Geo angel blue lenses for a small price of £12.74/$19.90 and received a cute lens case with my order which came after a week of ordering! I was absolutely gob smacked that my parcel arrived so quickly, and well packaged may i add – my lenses were put in a cute little pink box which is shown below. They even included a hand written note with my package which i thought was extremely sweet of them! They obviously know how to keep their customers happy ;) unlike coslenses! Another point that was important to me was the lenses - they did not even hurt my eyes the first time i wore them and i can wear them for more than 6 hours without feeling any pain in my eyes! Great result! The website that they created is appealing to the eye as well as easy to read and understand - i didn't even have to contact customer services with any enquiries i had as everything i needed to know was on the site. I love that they have a currency converter feature on the website which was useful as i didn’t have to search on google to see how much each item was in pounds. I genuinely do not have anything bad to say about this online shop so please check them out if you are interested in circle/coloured contact lenses.

I have finally found my camera adaptor when i was doing a spot of spring cleaning today, after so many weeks! so here are a few pictures showing what came in my parcel - yay for real pictures and not pictures stolen from google! :)

What do you think of circle lenses? Have you tried them before?

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Style inspiration 1: Alexa Chung

You may have already heard of one of the most popular British style icons already, but this is Alexa Chung who was previously a model who became a tv presenter for T4 and now has her own show on MTV. I absolutely adore her geek-grunge-chic style which looks so effortless and imperfect, if thats even a word? I'm so glad that she has stuck to being her own person and hasn't changed her whole look since becoming extremely well known. Her style is still as it used to be - laid back and messy, even her make up has stayed the same which is natural looking and not pristine like a plastic barbie doll, eventhough she's in the spotlight 24/7. I love how well she can mix vintage and designer pieces together and isn't afraid to be seen wearing high street items - she is always dressed in Topshop and well saught after bags which i wish i could carry! :') She is currently posting outfit of the day pictures, every day for a whole month on the Vogue website so be sure to check out what she is wearing!

Do you have any style icons?

Fresh faced & ready for spring

I thought that i would open this post with a picture of me three ago at the beach - oh how i miss going to the beach and my black hair with random bit of blonde on the side :') anyhoo.. back to the post. After hearing so many great reviews about the No7 skin illuminator radiance boosting beauty fluid, I couldn't help but go test it out myself in boots and decided to buy the illuminator there and then in the colour peach because it was the last one left. Although it may seem a little pricey for a 'drug store' item, retailing at £10.50, it is well worth your money as a little goes a long way with this product and it is extremely versatile. You can use it in a variety of ways, such as, use it as an all over eye shadow base or shadow, put it on the brow bone, mix it with a moisturiser to make your own tinted moisturiser, mix it in with foundation to make it more sheer and light.

No 7 say: 'an amazing radiance boosting beauty fluid with tiny iridescent particles that shimmer in the light, giving skin a healthy looking glow.'

I have tried using this on it's own with my daily moisturiser without any other face make up on and it leaves my face looking fresh and glowy - which is great for the summer when you don't want to wear any heavy make up. I have not yet tried mixing it with my foundation; mainly because I don’t think that it will show through as it's such a natural and subtle product. However it does look beautiful above foundation, particularly on the bridge of the nose and cheekbones. This is a great alternative to my MAC msf or any other powder highlighter which can wear off throughout the day :( If you are looking for something that looks natural, brightens the skin and doesn't leave the skin looking cakey then this product should certainly be considered. This is a perfect product for you girls who do not like the matte look!

One bad thing that I have to mention that I really dislike about this product is that it has a brush applicator. As well as being unhygienic (the instructions on the box states that you cannot wash the brush?!?! - think about how much bacteria you will be brushing onto your face!), you can't control how much product comes out which is quite a nuscence because each time i've used it, an excessive amount of product has come out even though I squeezed the tube ever so slightly - seriously annoying!

Have a happy easter bloggers!


Saturday, 3 April 2010

ASOS selling Chanel?!

I remember the days when nobody knew about ASOS and everything sold on the website was practically £20.00 or less.. two years later they are now stocking Chanel merchandise, with each bag retailing around 2 grand a peice! These bags are a selection of my favourite from the bunch, they are too pretty for words :') i love the neutral colours - so bang on trend for the Summer!

If you are interested in taking a look at this online retailer, click here to take you directly to the website: They ship internationally too which means you US bloggers are not missing out ;) I just wished that F21 would ship to the UK at a fair and reasonable price! It is ridiculous, ASOS ship to the US for $6 (unlimited number of items) where as Forever 21 to the UK is $34.95 if you spend $0-25! Surely you would want to spend more than that, especially if postage and packaging costs more than your item(s). Sorry small rant over :)