Saturday, 3 April 2010

ASOS selling Chanel?!

I remember the days when nobody knew about ASOS and everything sold on the website was practically £20.00 or less.. two years later they are now stocking Chanel merchandise, with each bag retailing around 2 grand a peice! These bags are a selection of my favourite from the bunch, they are too pretty for words :') i love the neutral colours - so bang on trend for the Summer!

If you are interested in taking a look at this online retailer, click here to take you directly to the website: They ship internationally too which means you US bloggers are not missing out ;) I just wished that F21 would ship to the UK at a fair and reasonable price! It is ridiculous, ASOS ship to the US for $6 (unlimited number of items) where as Forever 21 to the UK is $34.95 if you spend $0-25! Surely you would want to spend more than that, especially if postage and packaging costs more than your item(s). Sorry small rant over :)


  1. My compliment for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog


    Even week another photo album

    Greetings from Italy,


  2. Totally agree with u love!!! I checked out the online F21 once, found lots good deal and I was given an ridiculous shipping cost, then i decided forget Lollll...

    And I dunno if this is ture or not, someone told me that F21 n H&M have some suppliers ...

    have a good easter sunday...

  3. I love ASOS! one of my favorite sites.

    I really like your blog a lot, I'm a new follower.
    Please check out my blog (and I hope you follow) when you get a chance

    : )

  4. I live in the US and I'm so glad about ASOS having that cheap shipping fee! I'm sorry about F21's shipping, though.

    Will now follow your blog, follow mine too?:D

    Check out my blog!
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  5. i had no idea that asos sold chanel stuff until noww!

  6. I live for ASOS got my haul coming week, they are having a sale and yeah ........... I love your blog and yes very chanel- esk bag's.......funny enough matalan is great too have a look. xxxxx

  7. I remember what ASOS looked like about 5 years ago, it sold gifts and little random things, in fact it was barely all about the clothes!