Thursday, 27 May 2010

Your feet look gorgeous!

Ever since the Sun has made a delightful appearance here in the U.K, I have forgotten all about my Winter boots and have made room for cute flats and comfy sandals to let my feet do some well needed breathing! So today I thought I would do a post sharing with you a few pair of shoes that I've been wearing recently embracing the wonderful weather that is soon going to disappear within a matter of days *sigh at British weather* bye bye sun and hello rain!

I adore the silk ribbon detailing on these muted olive/baby green shoes which make them a little more different from the average plain ballet flats that you see absolutely everywhere. These are perfect shoes for wearing with prints and patterns as they are so simple and don't take the attraction away from a statement outfit. I love these for walking long distances because they are made out of such a soft leather and are also quilted on the inside which literally feel like you're wearing slippers! They were originally from Topshop which are unavailable to buy now BUT Miss Selfridge are currently selling very similar ones for £25.00 in various colours which can be seen here:

I loveee Topshop shoes but not so much the clothes as a majority of them are overpriced for what you get. Don't get me wrong, i'm not a hater 'cause i do like topshop clothes but i feel as though Topshop is somewhat overrated, for instance you could spot something in Topshop and find something pretty much identical in another shop for less than half the price! Anyway rant over.. these floral print t-bar shoes are my favourite-est in the whole wide world and show why i love Topshop shoes soo much - i have owned these for approximately 2 years, wear them every Summer because they are unbelievably comfortable and they haven't even started to fall apart yet! Topshop shoes are always extremely affordable and good quality! Thumbs up from me.

These ASOS rope detailed flats are great for spicing up a plain outfit. I especially like to team these up with a pair of leggins, oversized top and a thin waist tan belt for a boho chic look. I find that all of my ASOS shoes that I've bought in the past have caused discomfort to my feet which is a big no no but after A LOT of wears the shoes eventually become pleasant to wear. Has anyone else had the same problem with ASOS shoes?
Although i don't particulary like showing off my feet, I came out of my comfort zone and lived in these H&M sandals last Summer which have become kind of knackered now but there is still some life left in them so I'll keep wearing these until I can get my hands on a pair of studded gladiators aka jesus shoes or caged lace up sandals this year! What style of sandal do you like?
Mary Jane style shoes with the little strap always tickle my fancy, I always wear black so these patent floral shoes add a burst of colour into my boring neautral outfits. These topshop pumps were featured in my other shoe post here if you want to have a look: and as you may be able to tell, i have some kind of shoe addiction, but as they say.. a girl can never have too many shoes! Right now i'm looking for the perfect pair of black peep toe wedges but can't seem to find any that retail at a reasonable price anywhere! Any suggestions on where i can get a pair of black wedges would be lovely and greatly appreciated!

Lastly but not least, the brightest out of the bunch and the cutest pair of shoes I own are these t-bar bow flats from.. again you guessed it.. Topshop! I can't get enough of T-bars because my feet always feel so secure in them and never randomly slip off! I am soo glad that it's Summer now though as these look perfect with floral dresses, beandeau dresses and pretty much any dress! It doesn't feel wrong wearing such bright shoes anymore yay for crazily bright shoes!!
Please feel free to do a post on what shoes you have been wearing!
& don't forget to post me your links!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Hair inspiration: MK&A Olsen

I've always admired Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's stunning boho-glam long locks (and impeccable sense of style) over the past few years and have forever longed for my hair to look just as good as theirs - i think i should stop dreaming now? I just love their version of the kooky bed head hair, pulling it off quite easily in any hair colour, which looks completely effortless. Without a doubt, they can perfect tousled waves, romantic curls, messy-straight hair and signature center parting much better than anyone else can! But that doesn't mean we can't try to imitate the messy chic hair style..

How to: easy messy curls
After showering spritz the ends of you hair with a leave in conditioner - I use Aussie miracle hair insurance which smells absolutely divine! Then blow dry your hair whilst scrunching for a few minutes until hair is a little damp and sleep with damp hair. In the morning curl only a few sections of hair, mainly the bottom layers leaving a majority of the hair untouched for a more natural look. Lightly back comb front and top sections, spray a little hairspray and your ready to go!

I also wore a center parting, twisting parts of my fringe and pinning them back (better photo next time, promise!) which is a great way of getting hair out of the way since the weather has become realllylylyly hot! Ahh i can't wait until my full fringe grows out so i can wear it Olsen style without having to clip my fringe back. I kinda wish i never got a full fringe cut now

If you could, what celebs hair would you choose to have for the day?

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Showcasing the Geo Angel Violets

I'm back again for the second time this week (big WOW!) to share with you another pair of circle lenses from that i recieved not long ago. I was extremely happy with my previous order which i recently reviewed here, so decided to get another pair from the same online shop based all the way in Malaysia. I decided to go for the Geo angel violet lens after seeing STYLE.SUZI looking absolutely gorgeous wearing them, and for £12.74 you can't go wrong!

Again, i recieved the lenses promptly exactly 14 days after i placed the order without any delays. The parcel was well packaged in two evelopes with the lenses bubble wrapped and free lens case in a sealed plastic wrapper, including care instructions and a personally written card which is sososo sweet of them! I loveeee the colour of my lens case this time, its such a gorgeoues pastel greeny bluey colour - which my camera hasn't captured very well, thumbs up to candylens! I wore the Geos for the first time yesterday and they were comfortable unlike the two pairs i bought from coslenses which killed my eyes! and still do whenever i try to wear them. i think that the ones i bought from coslenses earlier in the year were not authentic.. but it's so evil to mess with peoples eyes like that if they are really fake!

I can truthfully say that i have had a very pleasant experiance buying from this store and would urge anyone who's looking for affordable and most importantly GENUINE lenses to have a browse on as they have exceptional customer service, amazing prices and provide speedy shipping - twice in a row now.. i wonder if they can do it a third time if i order again ;) although everything ive said so far is positive, i have one bad thing to mention.. nothing major but i think the website should have a page dedicated on how to open the lens bottles because people who are new to circle lenses may not have a clue! so any lens companys out there who are reading this, make a step to step guide to help out your future customers!!

How to: open contact lens vial

For more information, visit the contact section on


Hope you're all enjoying your weekends and embracing the sunshine here in the UK.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Rings and pretty little things

Apologies for lack of posts (again) but i have been so tied down with college work and revision! But i really appreciate all of you who visit my blog and leave such sweet comments! I promise promise promise, more posts to come x10! I always adore reading haul posts because i'm such a nosey person and love to see what's already in stores before i go out shopping so i thought i'd do my own showing you all the things ive been buying in the last two weeks. My obsession of the moment has got to be rings:

After dedicating my shopping trip to hunting down some rings, I only found these two beautiful little treasures which will definately be added to my assortment of favourite rings - below. The rose ring is from Miss Selfridge for £6.00 (a tad bit steep for a piece of plastic but it was too cute to walk away from) i always have trouble finding rings that fit me so the adjustable ring blank is perfect for me! And my favourite item from this 'haul' eventhough it's slightly too big for me is this silver gem ring from H&M for a bargainous price of £2.99! I AM IN LOVE and will certainly be returning to H&M in search for more jewellery
I have a growing fascination with jewellery recently and I'm really quite liking the whole word necklaces which accessorize seem to be doing quite a lot lately eg.,5,shop,accessorize,accessorizejewellery,pendants i thought i'd be different and get this black chained one though which is a little less sweet looking and will spice up a oversized t-shirt and leggings combo

Sticking with the nautical, nude and floral trends this spring summer. All items below are from H&M, New look, Primark, ASOS - still available to buy!! H&M is so high in my good books right now, it has to be one of my favourite highstreet shops as it's so affordable and i never get restless looking around the store for god knows how long!

I've been sporting this simple neutral eye look for the past week, nothing special but so quick and easy to do, especially when you have less than half an hour to get ready in the mornings! I swept Urban Decays 'Sell Out' mixed with a little Sally Girl in 'Copper -388714' all over the lid and patted Mac 'Rite of Spring' on the brow bone and under my eye using the same brush = no hassle and less brushes too wash in the evening which makes me a happy bunny because i'm tooooo lazy! Quickly applied winged eyeliner using E.L.F cream eyeliner, stuck on falsies, lashings of mascara and out the door i popped!

ps. still loving my Geo angel blue circle lenses available to buy on


Thursday, 6 May 2010

I could really use a wish right now

Happy May everyone - I can't believe how quick this year is passing by, it felt like it was Febuary only yesterday. I really can't get enough of listening to B.O.B - Airplanes ft Hayley Williams at the moment, hence the name of this post.

"Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now "

I'm brimming with wishes at the moment, if you had one wish, what would you wish for? I would certainly wish for everlasting happiness. Each and every time i capture a sense of happiness, it gets snatched away from me within what seems like minutes. things are so stressful right now, like there is not enough to worry about, my health and social care teacher has just left and taken a new job to go teach at another college. i mean who in their right mind would leave an A level group one month before their exam, who have minimal knowledge on the exam content! we were assured that there would be another teacher to assist us with what we need to know for the exam but no teacher arrived to the lesson today - so i sat there flicking through the pages of a text book she gave us before she left saying "make notes on these 59 pages and you will pass the exam', as well as wasting my life away wondering how i'm going to achieve the grades i need to get into university, where the only answer i found was that i need an enormous amount of self motivation which i am clearly lacking. i am dreading what will happen in the lessons ahead, and upcoming exams may i add! agh i hate exam season, everything is like a mad rush and it feels like i am deviating from ideal mental health right now. enough ranting ;)

tick tock tick tock
so much to do, so little time
On a brighter note, here is a little message to my wonderful followers - courtesy of tumblr! i have nearly reached 300 followers yay and i will definately be hosting a giveaway asap!
much love