Monday, 5 April 2010


If you are a circle lens fanatic or would like to try them out at an affordable price but you are unsure about where to buy them from i would fully recommend this website: to you. I had an extremely pleasant experience buying from this Malaysian contact lens supplier who provide a range of contact lens styles from Geo, Hana and Colourvue. After my first ever circle lens order from another online supplier, i was absolutely put off circle lenses 100% and ever ordering them again due to the poor service which i received. But my mind has been changed since

My experience buying from the first contact lens supplier - coslenses was a complete disaster, for these reasons: 1. The shop is a blog which was very complicated to buy from, for instance i couldn't just add an item into my basket and go to the check out and pay. I had to send an email stating what items I wanted which was quite inconvenient as well as time consuming. 2. Once they received my email (order) they sent me an invoice on paypal to let me know that i should pay - the lenses were around £16.00 each. After paying, i did not receive an email from coslenses notifying me that they received my payment which was quite worrying for me. 3. My order took well over a month to arrive even though the shop owners repeatedly said that my items would be shipped within the month. Even though i fully well knew that i wouldn't receive my package immediately, i wasn't expecting them to come two and a half weeks late! 4. When i FINALLY received my lenses, they didn't even have the geo stickers on the little glass bottles. They were on a separate sheet of paper within the envelope. I mean, at least stick them on! 5. I bought two pairs of lenses, whenever i wear the brown ones, they are comfortable for at least 4 hours where as the green ones are incredibly painful as soon as i put them in my eye : (no matter how many times i clean them, they always hurt each and every time i attempt to wear them) so i never wear the green ones which was a bit of a waste. So there you go.. i will never buy from this blog shop ever again.

I can say that i have definitely learnt from this experience that i should do more research before making irrational purchases online, which is one of the reasons why i decided to write this post, to inform you bloggers of a trustworthy and secure website to shop from.

In comparison to coslenses, candylens provided excellent and high quality service. I bought the Geo angel blue lenses for a small price of £12.74/$19.90 and received a cute lens case with my order which came after a week of ordering! I was absolutely gob smacked that my parcel arrived so quickly, and well packaged may i add – my lenses were put in a cute little pink box which is shown below. They even included a hand written note with my package which i thought was extremely sweet of them! They obviously know how to keep their customers happy ;) unlike coslenses! Another point that was important to me was the lenses - they did not even hurt my eyes the first time i wore them and i can wear them for more than 6 hours without feeling any pain in my eyes! Great result! The website that they created is appealing to the eye as well as easy to read and understand - i didn't even have to contact customer services with any enquiries i had as everything i needed to know was on the site. I love that they have a currency converter feature on the website which was useful as i didn’t have to search on google to see how much each item was in pounds. I genuinely do not have anything bad to say about this online shop so please check them out if you are interested in circle/coloured contact lenses.

I have finally found my camera adaptor when i was doing a spot of spring cleaning today, after so many weeks! so here are a few pictures showing what came in my parcel - yay for real pictures and not pictures stolen from google! :)

What do you think of circle lenses? Have you tried them before?


  1. I never tried ordering from Candylenses and £12.74 is a decent price. I've seen people in the UK selling Geo Lenses at £16+ -_-
    Might order from them later~
    Thanks for the review :)

  2. ohh..I wanna see them on you:D must be so pretty. I wanted to order a while ago..but by bf totally aginst this:(...and plus I dont like the feeling of touching my eyss haha

    But I love to see others use them :)


  3. Oooh I shall have to check this out. I've saved 2 pairs in a different site for when I get money but this site sounds cheaper! :D I'll take a look.

  4. Looking forward to seeing you wearing your new lenses!:D

    Thanks for sharing this website!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

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  6. I want to see pictures of you wearing them!

  7. You should wear it and take a picture! :D Stumbled onto your blog earlier. I love the username! It made me laugh :P

  8. wow 12! deal.. I swear theyve gone cheaper in the last 2 yrs.. now i felt ripped off buying them then.. then again they werent so popular :/ anyway do a FOTD with them Plzzz

  9. i have brought from another websites .. it is really good too=)

  10. Hi

    I had the same eye infection and even bought the second time as i thought it was just my eye.
    Apparently , i had conjunctivitis the other day and I keep on blaming GEO product.

    Is it because of my eyes are too sensitive or GEO itself? Now i am trying Colorvue, bought from Candylens and awaiting for them to arrive. We will see how it goes.



  11. Is any good? Has anyone else shopped here? Im a bit worried about an order I made out to them :(