Wednesday, 7 April 2010

FOTD ft Geo angel blues

Hi lovely bloggers, here if my FOTD showing what the Geo angel blue contact lenses look like on - as requested by many of you in the previous post :) i so badly need my fringe, don't you hate it when your fringe is so long it starts pricking you in the eye and when it starts becoming all gappy? how do i stop this from happening??! *sob* what a bad idea getting a full fringe cut 3 weeks ago, its such a hassle to maintain and is too short to be swept onto the side to be a side fringe. i have stopped using hair straighteners/curling tongs completely since getting my hair cut so i have been wearing it either in a high bun (which has been featured in many catwalk shows recently) or like in the photos below - which was achieved after taking the bun out the next day = easy peasy lemon squeezy

Thought i might as well add in an OOTD considering I haven't done one in a longgg time!

Top - Woody for topshop

Lace trim shorts - H&M

Shoes - Topshop

I really love wearing baggy slouchy t-shirts or anything oversized that looks about 5 sizes too big for me on the top half (great for hiding the overhang belly after a good meal hahaha) and balancing it out with something fitting on the bottom. What is your must have clothing item that everyone should have in their wardrobe right now? Of course mine is a baggy t-shirt like the All Saints one below which I am lusting after this. I'm a sucker for anything that looks way too big, loose and rough and think i might just buy it next time i hit West Quay for some shopping!

These shoes in size UK4/EU37 are for sale for £35.00, the RRP was £65.00 so this is a fair deal for them since they have only been worn a handful of times. If you are interested in buying, please let me know ^_^


  1. You're so pretty!! LOOOOVE the shoes but I'm a whopping size 7! Why are you selling them?! They're gorgeous!

  2. so pretty!! the geo angel blues look very nice :]

  3. I love your hair!

  4. Your eyes look gorgeeeus! Much like your hair. Lovely.

    And your shoes are immense!

    Oh my boots were either from Garage, or Miss Internacionale... got them in the post from my momma, so not 100% sure!

  5. aww very pretty!! i think your hair looks very cute! the bangs suits you a lot ! hot shoes :D

  6. You're so cute! Love the blue lenses on you :)

  7. Hi there! o(^-^)o
    I just stumbled into your blog
    & it looks amazing! Just like you!!

    So I have followed you already~~
    I hope you could follow me back
    if you want to ;)

  8. I looove that outfit ;))

  9. i love your eyes. and i love your outfit.

    i am now a new follower.
    follow me too, yeah?

  10. the lens are gorgeous! i love your hair too! do you cut your own bangs?

  11. Pretty picturess ^^ ! I also like to wear baggy t-shirtss,, but it's SO hard to find thoseee!!!

  12. You look very pretty and I love the studded shoes

  13. You're hair and make-up is so perfect. Loving those studded shoes

  14. Pretty! Thanks for dropping by my blog, love~


    Miss. P

  15. I love the fringe! But I am biased! x

  16. I have these :D They're cool because they're a really nice dark blue