Sunday, 11 April 2010

FOTD & Paperchase love

Happy Sunday bloggerinos! I have always disliked Sundays in the past because it meant waking up early to go to Church, food shopping, the end of the weekend and the day to do last minute homework for the week ahead. Sunday is meant to be a day of rest however it seems more of a chore to me! But i now i have begun embrace Sundays especially as i can spend much needed time with my mummy - in starbucks with a coffee frappachino yumyumyuym. Whats your favourite starbucks drink? That's if you don't hate it.. i know there are quite a few starbucks haters out there ;)

My mum decided to take me shopping to get a few bits and bobs so we headed to the much beloved Paperchase to get me a few things to organise myself for the next college term - which will consist of a lotlotlot of work and exam preperation. I love paperchase and i will love paperchase eternally mainly because of the pretty stationary it provides for people like me who do not have the motivation to revise unless there is something appealing in front of their eyes. I spotted this really cute recyled tree printed diary so i decided to get it since my college one is battered to pieces and i'm the type of person that needs everything to look perfect otherwise i will be put off doing things. For example, if im put off using my diary then i don't write to do lists and it is crucial that i write to do lists, if i don't then i get NOTHING done. haha i sound a bit psychologically abnormal. I also got this random box which i initially thought could be used to throw my revision cards in but now i'm thinking about putting my face creams in it. Or might even save it to put prizes in for my followers contest in the future. Ah im so indecisive!

Eventhough i love Paperchase, i dont half love it as much as my sisters beautiful puppy! My sister named him Remy - her inspiration taken from the fine cognac Remy Martin. I prefer to call him naughty Remy though ;) simply because he is just an absolute terror each time she brings him around to my house for me to puppysit... but its more like puppychase seeing as i have to chase him half way around the house each time he gets his hands on something and tries to destory it ie. my wicker baskets which he has practically nibbled to bits 0_o but i forgive him because he makes my day every time my sister brings him round :') haha i sound like a right sado. Here is a before and after picture of him:


I'm really liking using black underneath my eye whenever i wear coloured contacts to give a 'dolly look'. I'm on a quest to find an amazing black eyeliner that doesn't budge, as well as some kind of cream gel that will help reduce my eye bags. Please help me! Oh and the ELF cream eyeliner that i reviewed in one of my previous posts, i said that it smudges without an eye primer. Well today i tested it out using a primer and it still transferred onto my upper eyelid! However, it didn't on this eye ^^ which isn't as droopy and hooded as my left eye today. My eyelids always mess around and change in size.. has anyone else had this problem before? How can you stop this from happening? I've only found a solution to make it less noticable which is to wear false eyelashes
Products used on eyes:
Urban decay all over eyeshadow - Sellout
Urban decay under lower lashline - Perversion
Urban decay primer potion
Elf cream eyeliner -Black
MAC eye pencil on waterline - Beelicious
Smashbox cream eyeliner on inner corner - Runway
Mac studio finish concealer - NC30
Leather blazer - H&M - still in stores
Stripey top - Primark - still in stores
Locket - Miss selfridge
mucheous love!


  1. I always get a Sweetened Passion Iced Tea.:D

    Loving your new planners!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. I don't know if you're more in the liquid eyeliners, or not...but if I had to recommend the BEST, non-smudging eyeliners that I have ever used...hands-down, without a freakin' doubt...I HIGHLY URGE you to try Revlon's ColorStay pencil eyeliners. I've been using that for almost 5 years now. Has never failed me, and I just couldn't live without it! Hope that helps! :)

  3. totally loving your blog :) i love what you did with your eyes and the post below about alexa! i love that girl! haha :)

  4. You look gorgeous! Love the paperchase goodies, they sound like the perfect excuse to study! Thanks for following! :D xxx

  5. You lok fab!! I <3 the eyes!! MUST do that sometime.. i love how you lined it!! i miss paperchase...

  6. You are beautiful! Hope you will be entering my contest lovely!

  7. you are beautiful. thanks for following me, am now following you.

    ciao ♥

  8. you are so beautiful!!!

    don't forget to enter my giveaway for amazing prizes!:

  9. you look so stunning!!
    i've never tried coloured contacts... though i've always thought it would be super cool to have grey-blue eyes :)