Friday, 15 January 2010

New Year's Resolution

Is to stop buying shoes.. impossible but possible? Not my personal choice but my boyfriend made me promise after some persuasion :( I reallyyyyy want a pair of black pumps from Topshop but i think i will have to resist.. I wonder how long i can keep up my new years resolution for haha. Of course i have other resolutions such as keep ahead of deadlines and the usual things etc etc. The shoes below are my newest.. and will be the newest pair for quite some time! They aren't to everyones taste but i think they are quite unique and versitile. Do you have any new years resolutions?

Yes, i love you a lot shoes!


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Statement nails?

I'm back again and Yes, my nails are different on both hands mainly because i couldn't be bothered to sit and stick gems on my right hand which can be quite a task considering I'm right handed! So i thought i'd do something easy on my right hand - sprinkle on a stripe of iridescent glitter :D creating a glittery mess on the floor along the way. I'm quite surprised my crappy camera has picked up the glitter so well. If you decide to sprinkle glitter all over the place, be prepared to clean up hah! I used a black nail polish by O.P.I, gems from ebay, nail glue and glitter for glitter acrylic tips to create this look. I love experimenting on my nails and i need to get my hands on one of those O.P.I matte colours or the Essie nail polish that matifys all nail varnishes - genius idea whoever thought of it!

Do you have any suggestions for my next nail design?


OOTD - Metallic lace

Long cardigan - Matalan
Lace over sized t-shirt - River Island
Black ankle leggings - H&M
Studded buckle leather boots - Faith
(lol at my socks peeping through)

Good afternoon all! I should be in my psychology lesson that lasts two hours and thirty five minutes >.<>
Today i received my river island goodies through the post so i thought i'd wear this top today as lace is very 'in' at the moment even though i loved lace before it became the latest trend. I prefer wearing black or dark lace rather than creams as i find it more classy and less grannyish looking? AND i think it's very appropriate to wear a plain t-shirt underneath considering lace is see through. I see a lot of girls wearing lace tops without it being combined with anything underneath and it just looks nasty. I have realized that i should really clean my mirror and tidy my room before taking any more outfit of the day pictures >.< Enough babbling for now, i have a deadline tomorrow so it's off to work i go Zzz..

Hope you are all having a fab week!
& good luck to those with examinations xoxo

Monday, 11 January 2010

Outfit of the day - Casual

Jumper - Ralph Lauren
Leggings - Topshop
Converse - A Christmas gift from my boyfriend :)

I have always thought converse looked amazing on other people but i wasn't too sure if they would suit me so i asked my boyfriend to buy me a pair of the plain ones for Christmas. This is the first time i have worn them and i am still undecided if they are right for me due to the reason that i am always in boots or girly pumps!


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Trapped in by the snow..

I've been at home now since Tuesday! i am dying to go outside and do things. i can't describe how boringgg it is at home without any company. I think i am actually missing routine and going to college since it has been canceled (crazy i know). The snow has caused chaos. i think i've done all the things that can be named, tidy my room from top to bottom, clear out my wardrobe, do coursework, do a bit of online shopping and watch practically everything on 4od and itv player on my brothers crappy computer because my laptop decided to die during the Christmas holidays ggggggggggrr. A documentary i watched on 4od called 'Caught on camera' i think everyone should watch - i was emotional throughout the 73 minutes of this video. RIP all those who died in the Tsunami :(

I had mixed feelings about Lady Gaga when she first hit the UK but now i loveeee her new songs. I recommend you listen to her song called 'Speechless':

Does anyone have twitter? if so please let me know :)

Happy New Year

a little (understatement) late i know, i can truthfully say i have been slacking on the blogger front. but you can follow me here: which i update almost daily (without all the rambling). I hope you have all had a magnificent start to the new year and enjoying the snow.. well snow that has turned into ice! *looks out window to see an ice rink*. And Linh i finally got my geos!!! (xspendidstar) you should all visit her blog she is such a wonderful character!