Sunday, 10 January 2010

Trapped in by the snow..

I've been at home now since Tuesday! i am dying to go outside and do things. i can't describe how boringgg it is at home without any company. I think i am actually missing routine and going to college since it has been canceled (crazy i know). The snow has caused chaos. i think i've done all the things that can be named, tidy my room from top to bottom, clear out my wardrobe, do coursework, do a bit of online shopping and watch practically everything on 4od and itv player on my brothers crappy computer because my laptop decided to die during the Christmas holidays ggggggggggrr. A documentary i watched on 4od called 'Caught on camera' i think everyone should watch - i was emotional throughout the 73 minutes of this video. RIP all those who died in the Tsunami :(

I had mixed feelings about Lady Gaga when she first hit the UK but now i loveeee her new songs. I recommend you listen to her song called 'Speechless':

Does anyone have twitter? if so please let me know :)


  1. OMG I LOVE YOUR NAILS!!! :D Reminds me of Japan :)

    Aww thanks for your comment! Yeah Boxing Day was too crazyyyyy, I could not move! I was practically taken by the arms and dragged out LOL that explains why I only bought Make-up and no clothes on that day! OMG I didn't know Body Shop does sale on Make-up!!! Uh I think it's too late for me now coz people are really fast! But wow £1 eyeliners...that's so cheap!!! >______< I would have bought some T_T

    OMG you have reffaello too?!"?!??!?!?!? YAYYYYYYYYY someone from UK that knows about them hehe. Gawsh I love them so much, me and my mum been trying to buy some more but all the Sainsbury's here don't sell them anymore T___T so emotional >_< LOL

    Woah at least you still have some more time to do your revision, my one is tomorrow and on Thursday!!!!!!!! So scared T__T I know I should have revised during Christmas but I didn't >_< LOL we're so the same always leaving things to the last minute.

    What's your twitter? I'll follow you ^_^


  2. i would listen to the lady gaga song but my internet is so slow at the moment.


    also, that's the reason why i love california. it might still get "cold" but it never snows. well at least not where i live. thank the lord.

    im a strong advocate of snow-free cities :[ im probably the scrooge of snow! bahhh humbug! LOL!

    but on the other hand... i hope you finally found something to do! learn origami!? boy oh boy... try and learn something... youtube it too. hhaha.. youtube has everything.