Sunday, 10 January 2010

Happy New Year

a little (understatement) late i know, i can truthfully say i have been slacking on the blogger front. but you can follow me here: which i update almost daily (without all the rambling). I hope you have all had a magnificent start to the new year and enjoying the snow.. well snow that has turned into ice! *looks out window to see an ice rink*. And Linh i finally got my geos!!! (xspendidstar) you should all visit her blog she is such a wonderful character!


  1. Wow..u look super pretty in that picture, Happy New Year to u too^^

  2. NO! you're doing it too! why tumblr!!! LOL! come back to blogger!

  3. OMG!!! LISA!!!! I friggin' missed yew! Happy New Year to you too :D I hope you had a wonderful start to the New Year ^_^ I've been tryna revise and stuff and I can't do it. I get too distracted and it's only 3 days till my first exam!!! Do you have any upcoming ones? If you do then good luck!!

    YAYYY! You finally got your lenses! You look soooo cute with them on :D I'm ordering two more coz my angel browns are getting kinda dry so I gotta get new ones. But I'm trying some other styles so hopefully they look ok :D I'm gonna bookmark your tumblr so I can check for updates ^_^ But please don't leave blogger T___T


  4. happy new year!
    you look amazing in this photo. cute eyes!

  5. Hello there,

    I am glad I came across your blog, really loved your outfits and posts.

    Please come and have a look at my blog too.

    I hope to see you soon.

  6. yay you better stay in blogger :p or you'll be sorely missed :[

    also, i know this is a bit too much to
    ask for, but i recently changed my
    url from to and i was
    wondering if you can give me a favor
    and stop following and then follow
    again with that url. it's one of the
    reasons why you're not getting any
    updates from me anymore.

    thank you so much :]

    loves, abby

  7. yay! lisa returns to blogger! ^_^ and ahhh! you know what my grandpa said when he told me i couldn't have a bf? he told me not until im settled... and then we'll both pray for me to get a husband! OH MY GOSH! O_O are you serious?! lol!

    im a baby! :[