Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Statement nails?

I'm back again and Yes, my nails are different on both hands mainly because i couldn't be bothered to sit and stick gems on my right hand which can be quite a task considering I'm right handed! So i thought i'd do something easy on my right hand - sprinkle on a stripe of iridescent glitter :D creating a glittery mess on the floor along the way. I'm quite surprised my crappy camera has picked up the glitter so well. If you decide to sprinkle glitter all over the place, be prepared to clean up hah! I used a black nail polish by O.P.I, gems from ebay, nail glue and glitter for glitter acrylic tips to create this look. I love experimenting on my nails and i need to get my hands on one of those O.P.I matte colours or the Essie nail polish that matifys all nail varnishes - genius idea whoever thought of it!

Do you have any suggestions for my next nail design?



  1. Hi~!
    I'm a new follower!!
    I love your nails!
    I've been into nails lately.
    But I can't do nothing more than doing french manucure. hehe
    You can find lots of inspiration in japanese magazines! Maybe not every months issue, but most of them!
    Bye Bye~!

  2. whoa you did that your nails!? tats awesome. i can't do anything with my nails! blah. i can't even paint mine! will you cyber paint my nails? :]

  3. that's really unique and gorgeous! thanks for sharing^^

    drey jewelry

  4. thank you very much Lisa :)
    have a nice day!

    drey jewelry

  5. They are so pretty! I'd never have the patience for that hehe xo

  6. those nails are sooo nice!!


  7. ^__^ I never have the same colour on either hand. Ever!