Wednesday, 13 January 2010

OOTD - Metallic lace

Long cardigan - Matalan
Lace over sized t-shirt - River Island
Black ankle leggings - H&M
Studded buckle leather boots - Faith
(lol at my socks peeping through)

Good afternoon all! I should be in my psychology lesson that lasts two hours and thirty five minutes >.<>
Today i received my river island goodies through the post so i thought i'd wear this top today as lace is very 'in' at the moment even though i loved lace before it became the latest trend. I prefer wearing black or dark lace rather than creams as i find it more classy and less grannyish looking? AND i think it's very appropriate to wear a plain t-shirt underneath considering lace is see through. I see a lot of girls wearing lace tops without it being combined with anything underneath and it just looks nasty. I have realized that i should really clean my mirror and tidy my room before taking any more outfit of the day pictures >.< Enough babbling for now, i have a deadline tomorrow so it's off to work i go Zzz..

Hope you are all having a fab week!
& good luck to those with examinations xoxo


  1. hehheheh you're like one of those bloggers that procrastinate on blogger! LOL! that's so funny! XD

    and i agree with you, big shirts go nice with converse :] i love how comfy it looks and feel too!

    and cute outfit on this post!!! ^_^ im really digging the cardigan too!!! im jealous much!

  2. you look so gorgeous and your makeup is pretty and yet simple, I like it. ^____^