Monday, 11 January 2010

Outfit of the day - Casual

Jumper - Ralph Lauren
Leggings - Topshop
Converse - A Christmas gift from my boyfriend :)

I have always thought converse looked amazing on other people but i wasn't too sure if they would suit me so i asked my boyfriend to buy me a pair of the plain ones for Christmas. This is the first time i have worn them and i am still undecided if they are right for me due to the reason that i am always in boots or girly pumps!



  1. LOL! that's so awesome! i have converse too but i use to go to jogging. i know shhh... it's pretty bad. but luckily i got it at a local thrift shop for 6 dollars. they looked so new too... i couldn't keep my eyes off of them! XD

    and cute outfit! i love the whole casual look on you. and throw in a pair of converse doesn't look so bad either. i love the fashion statement. looking at the outfit makes me just want to try something of the like for my comfy days:D

  2. Hmmm I don't own a converse either but you look good in yours! =D

  3. Looking good!! Love the purple top!!

  4. nice blog nice Lady ;))