Tuesday, 6 September 2011


When there are grey skies and piercing rain outside your window, this depressing time of the year calls for nail painting time. I decided to grow my nails since taking off my Acrylics and spruce them up after I've been wearing the same fruit salad colour over and over for the last two weeks ('cause it was the only colour I purchased whilst staying at my boyfriends house) felt like I was living the dream only having one nail polish. And may I just add it was just my luck that it was the worst nail polish I've ever bought, the brush itself is awful and the application was uneven, looked lumpy and chipped after a day and a half - wasn't even worth the mere £1.79 I paid, sorry Collection 2000 lovers. 

Here's my fashionable version of the made over classic French Manicure (bar the odd one if you can spot it!). If you're sick of the staple white tip but still want classy and chic nails that are easy to do then try painting a subtle v shape down the edge of the nail as opposed to going the whole way around the nail. To make this less of a challenge you can do this with a nail art brush or pen which I've seen Models Own have recently brought out in Superdrug/Boots. I was debating whether to go all out and go crazy but decided on a muted pink with a black tip to keep them versatile and have an understated feel but you could experiment using the new seasons A/W shades - from metallics, sea blues to earthy hues. A nude colour with a red tip would look fab for the transition into Autumn.


  1. LOVE THAT. gotta try it when my gel manicure peels off haha

  2. hey pretty lady lovely blog! those nails are super fierce, enter my giveaway!

  3. AH AMAZING. Seriously. You make me want to paint my nails RIGHT NOW! There so fun and freshhhh!


  4. I can't get over how cool your nails are

    - Sydney xo