Friday, 21 August 2009

Pink peach coral crazy

Evening lovelys!
Just a quick post to let you know my AS results that i got yesterday. I received a big fat U for law and 3 B's for - English Language, Psychology and Health and Social care ^_^ my results were far better than expected. Anyway I decided to treat myself today to a few things:

Today I dyed my hair this dark brown colour because my sister wanted my hair dark for the wedding - what a nightmare she is! It was a shock once i washed out the dye! I forgot what i looked like with dark hair. I'm not quite sure how the colour looks in the light yet cause i dyed it this evening :( hopefully it's not all patchy tommorrow...

Yesss the acrylic nails are back! Oh how i love them. My lovely Mummy got me this gorggggggggggggggggggggggeous matte dolly pink colour, and trust me, this picture doesn't do the colour ANY justice at all. I seriously say you should all get this if you're into pinks. It's by 'Colour club' in number 389, 'Dreamin'.

This oversized coral ring is from Primark!!

Can you believe it for £1.50.. Iwas shocked too


I fancied getting a new lipstick whilst i was in Superdrug and wanted to try a Barry M lip paint, so i decided to go for the 147, a very pretty light but bright (if that makes any sense?) matte pinky peachy colour. Me being me squished the tip of the lipstick as soon as I opened it lmao >.<>



  1. Oh what a gorgeous nail color! You have lovely shaped nails and great length as well! I love the coral ring as well. LOL I can't believe you sister made you dye your hair for her wedding. XD

  2. Wooo U dyed your hair? I'm gonna be dying mine a dark brown colour this week end too! Which is gonna b wierd as I've always been a light brown ( if not gingeryish brown) for about 5 years now!

    Love the nail colour too...I've nver heard of that brand before...where can you purchase it from?