Friday, 14 August 2009

Blog sale?

Good afternoon dear bloggers,
I was just wondering if I should do a blog sale and if any of you guys would be interested in it. I have so many unwanted, unworn clothes that are just left clogging up my wardrobe that desperately NEED to go to a loving new home. I used to sell my clothes/bags/jewelerry and so on, on, myspace but have become very sick of time wasters and scammers so I thought it might be a good idea to sell things on here instead :) rather than on ebay because i'm not too fond of paying all the fees etc. Should I give it a try on here? Yes/No?

Here's a sneak peak of the things that will be most likely put up for sale:

Lots of love,



  1. well, I love those black heels! I think you should give it a try on here, a lot of girls sell their used make up and accessories on here and I haven't gotten screwed over once buying stuff on blogspot!

  2. Hey, just wanted to leave a comment to say how great your blog is - I've really enjoyed my visit today. Thank you !

  3. that is such a pretty dress! my fave part of the outfit!