Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hair headwear: a quick fix

Ahoy ahoy! I thought it was about time I should do something hair related so here I am back again embracing laziness and bed hair. If you're someone like me who likes to get your hair out of the way and done with without any fuss sitting in front of the dresser for umpteen minutes then you should definitely try this out! This has been seen all over festivals this summer and has been perfect for me in hiding my awful fringe that I'm trying to grow out, as well as giving me an excuse to wear vintage scarves that have been forgotten about since the hot weather hit us (which has sadly gone away now)! It's also such a quick and easy thing to spice up an ordinary boring everyday hair style.

Oh and some good news!!! I have just purchased myself a better quality camera and a tripod (with my birthday £££s which I have saved up until now - and i have to say it was painful having to restrain myself from spending it). I am yet to try out the camera so keep your eyes peeled for some picture tutorials etcetc

How to: headscarf hairstyle

1. Fold your desired scarf into half so it looks like a triangle
2. Wrap the scarf in the same direction until you're left with a thin strip
3. Put the scarf on from the back of your head holding tightly onto ends

4. Tie the two ends into a knot/double knot or into a bow
5. Move the headscarf around to the side of your head

6. Pull forward some hair from the front sections of your hair


Thursday, 5 August 2010

Dear Royal Mail,

please may you stop punishing me for doing so much online shopping recently by loosing my ASOS orders in the post TWICE in a row now. It is getting ridiculously annoying and you are making me miss out on these little treasures! I hate you, very much!!!

rings currently still on sale by: