Tuesday, 2 August 2011


After endlessly searching for an affordable chunky masculine yet feminine watch with an over-sized dial to replace my Guess watch, the time had come for me to find this little gem last week - the Michael Kors MK5325 silver dial crystal dot watch from Time2. 

The watch also comes in gold and rose gold. I was debating between the rose gold and silver but I think I made a good choice going with the silver as it looks so classic and is a practical colour for me since I always wear silver jewels. It also has a little tab for the date, so if you're someone like me who looses track of the time of the month then this feature can come in pretty handy.

Without hesitation, I would recommend looking at the other watches in the collection if you want a a watch that exudes classic style that is good quality and isn't heavily overpriced. I can say that Micheal Kors is proving to be a well known name for their boyfriend style watches, especially on the wrists of you stylish bloggers and lookbookers. I am absolutely in love with it, it's perfect for me and adds a subtle fashionable statement to any outfit. It will without a doubt be attached on my wrist during the 365 days of the year.


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous watch! I love both masculine and really feminine watches, I am not fussy, but I love this!! I wish I had the money for one!

    Kitty x

  2. I love it :D. and I love your bracelets too, especially the hello kitty one! Where's it from hun?

    And hope you've been well and uni's beenn treating you well too :P.


  3. that's a beautiful watch! i like it with all the other jewelry piled up too

    angie of pandaphilia fashion
    giveaway going on now!

  4. *gasp* i want one! it's beautiful! :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. Envy!! :D I've seen the Rose Gold one too and it's so pretty!

    Re. comment on my post, the two mineralize e/s are my first MAC ones. I totally recommend Golden Gaze as you can use it as a subtle shade as well as build it up for a more intense look :) <3

  6. It's beautiful! I just got the Rose gold one recently and can't stop looking at it :)



  7. I have this watch it beautiful! I got mine from Amazon for £40!

  8. Michael Kors does watches like no other!!! Been wearing the oversized Rose gold one religiously! LOVE this one and may I just say how much I am loving the Hello Kitty bracket!!! Are you on Instagram by any chance?! Feel free to find me there - lisannevos
    Hugs xxps thanks for your comment on the Sam Edelman shoes :)