Monday, 15 February 2010

A new addition to the family

I present.. little Remy! My sisters puppy she got for Christmas, he is soooooooooososo adorable.. well he used to be when he was a few weeks old. Now he has become a little rascal and doesn't stop moving AND biting everything he can get his hands on! He'll be coming to stay with me for a week during my half term so I might attempt to teach him some tricks.. if he chooses to obey haha. Sorry for the lack of posts (again) but i hope everyone had a lovely valentines day and chinese/vietnamese new year. i certainly enjoyed recieving red envelopes with £££ in ;)


  1. Awww he's such an adorable puppy!!!!!!! I would love to have a dog but mum says no =_= since we have no garden for it to poop in T_T and plus I got school and mum's got work so doesn't really work out >_<

    Hope you had a lovely new year and valentine's day!! Mine was alright, just cooked some traditional food with mum's and ate it! LOOOL that's it really. How about you?

    Ohh I'm sorry to hear about your other lenses >_< perhaps it was the ones that were from previous stock so they might have been old? Or maybe they were fake O_O was there Geo authentication code on the bottle?

    Yeah I am trying to learn all the tips and trick with the camera. At the moment I am very noob and working my way up to be a pro noob LOOOL contradicting much? XD


  2. i have the same pillow thingie for mine (: