Monday, 22 February 2010

Stressssss - education

So, I have feeling slightly depressed and full of worry the past week due to finding out that i have not made it into my first choice university. I have no idea why they rejected me, i plan on emailing them to find out.. but who knows if they will even reply! On the bright side i have offers for two other Uni's - London Metropolitan and Northampton University for Fashion Marketing.

I feel a large amount of guilt as I should count myself lucky to receive conditional offers from these Universitys considering that I do not study any art related subjects but hey ho, i really had high hopes that i would get into Southampton Solent - somewhere that would have been ideal for me (40 mins away on the train, fairly safe and somewhere that i'm very familiar with = comforting). Now I am stuck on what decision to make - a) apply to another University - Winchester school of ART - that is somewhat closer to where i am now but the only problem is that this uni has higher entry requirements (ABB) that i dont think i will reach or b) accept one of the two offers and be grateful that i have the opportunity to enrol on a course that is right for me and be unhappy with where i am living for the next 3 years of my life. Oh and another thing to worry about -
my boyfriend is currently a student at Winchester school of Art and does not support my idea of applying/attending to the same University as him. So that idea might aswell go down the drain, if i don't put myself first and make choices that will affect me and not him. It's my future after all but i can't help but be concerned about us because, if i move away then the relationship won't work, but he seems to think that moving closer to him will cause damage to the relationship. blah blahauhewtoeifjisdfjafafikljsafafla i think this is enough rambling and being over dramatic for one day.

urghhhh kill me now, i seriously don't know what to do.
i am in need for some retail therapy!


  1. aww babez! coming from someone whose gone to uni and graduated from a course I didnt really enjoy and is now doing another course that I totally love!

    uni is a big step! and for ur boyfriend not wanting you to go to the same uni as him...then I think thats a bit of a selfish act! sorry (no offence to ur bf)! but hes ur bf and should support you all the way!

    And if u decided to go to uni far away and you guys don't last, Just keep smilin' ur still young and wen u go to uni you'll mee tons of new people!

    If its meant to be then it will last!

    P.S Even if u decide to go to one of the uni's that you dnt want to go to...You could always do one year first and then after you have past it you can still apply to join a second year at a dif uni or just reapply for a different course! Because by then you might nt even be interested in the course you are inteding to study!

    Alot of things can change in a year!


  2. Awww Lisa, just try work your utmost hardest so that you can achieve the grade required to go to that uni. I am quite shocked that your bf doesn't want you to go to the same uni, it's like as if he doesn't want you to be near him? I don't want you to feel sad by me saying it, I just don't want to see you sad >_< Even if he doesn't want you to be in the same uni, at the end of the day it is your choice, and he can't make decisions for you because this is your future. Don't worry though going uni will be very different but you'll adapt to it fairly quickly and meet many new people! You'll love it! I hope everything works out for you, and I agree that retail therapy will help a lot! :)


  3. I go to Southampton Solent for fashion journalism... it's worth emailing them again and asking to be considered! The fashion department is pretty good here :) Hopefully your relationship will stay strong, I know a lot of girls who have boyfriends at other Unis and it's working out well for them! Good luck sweety! XO