Wednesday, 22 July 2009

♥ 2nd post!

Hiii lovelys!
So here is the section where you can find out a little bit about me! Or should I say just a few random facts about me. I'll be answering a variety of questions that may be frequently asked questions in future ^_^ Ohhh and fingers crossed for me please! Let's pray I get a summer job soon so I can purchase the hundreds of things on my wishlist <3

Q. What is your ethnicity?
I'm a British born Vietnamese
Q. Thing you cannot leave the house without ?
My handbag which is full of goodies. Essentials such as mobile phone, keys, purse and olbas tissues mmm *sniff sniff*
Q. Favourite Brand of makeup?
I don't have a particular favourite brand of make up at the moment. I'm just experimenting with all sorts of brands and use products that suit me and stick to them :)
Q. What straightener do you use?
I'm a lover of GHDs and I'm a proud owner of the GHD iv styler ♥ However I am in desperate need of a new pair considering that I've used mine an excessive amount
Q. Do you want to get married later on in life ?
Of course I do! & create a little family of my own! 3 kids at the max but it's early days to be making any plans, I'm only 17 afterall. Don't really wanna be another number on that list of teenage mothers ;)
Q Do you have any phobias?
Well other than heights I don't think I do... but I managed to walk all the way up the Eiffel tower so.. does that make me a fearer of heights.
Q.Do you bite your nails ?
Noooo, I've suddenly grown out of that habbit for about a year now and I have no idea how or why!? Go meee
Q. Do you drink coffee ?
I must confess, I dooo eventhough caffiene does BAD BAD things to you! I don't drink it religiously though phew!

Here is my outfit and hair of the day:

Recycle and Reuse!
I made this delicate little brooche that would add a hint of sparkle to any outfit by sticking on random bits and bobs that I have collected throughout this year to an old pin. The pearl beads and diamontes were brought from a shop called 'Fabric Land'. Keep your spare buttons, sequins, beads from clothing etc to use to decorate. You could even stick on artificial flowers, big gems, charms from old jewelery and so on!

Blazer - Custom made

Striped Shirt - H&M

Black ankle length Leggings - Topshop

Corsage -

Be sure to listen to one of my favourite songs of the moment: Boa - Obsessed.

Lots of love

Lisa ~


  1. Thanks for recommending Obsessed! I've been listening to Eat You Up also by BoA =D

    I love your hair! Do you curl it yourself?

  2. Hey,
    I have now become with Boa after just finding her music a few days ago hehe. I love 'Did ya' too!

    I do curl my hair myself, I might make a tutorial on how i achieved that wavy slash curly hair style :)


  3. Please do a tutorial! I'd love to get my hair to look like yours! =D

    And, I've followed you ^^

    I'm going to check out Did Ya. Thank you again for the recs!

  4. Hi, nice outfit and your hair looks great!

  5. omg i want your haircolour! ;D