Thursday, 23 July 2009

A bundle of things

Good eveninggg readers,
today has been a slightly productive day compared to other days this week. I spent it cutting up pieces of card and sticking labels on them in order to make little tags for my sisters wedding favours which will eventually be mini plant pots with a cute bamboo placed inside ♥ Her colour theme for the wedding are; red, gold and white/cream - being traditional as well as symbolic colours. Red = strength, health, good fortune, power, love -Gold = security, financial wisdom, luck - White = peace, truth, purity etc. Heres a tester we made earlier on in the year:

Here is just a random picture of me with curly hair yet again. I always have moments when I never change my hair styling routine..meaning that whenever I curl my hair, I curl it for weeks and weeks on end and keep the same kinda hair style. Boring I know right >.< well at least when you curl hair you end up with differing results! I realllllllllllllllllly need my hair cut & coloured asap - I'm thinking dark brown this time. Thank goodness my hair dresser is free next Tuesday yay! x100. I'm pretty undecided on whether I should get a full fringe cut in or keep a side swept fringe. HELP?!

<3 Give it up for carmex! I am in love with carmex and have been since I've bought it. It works wonders on the lips for me. When applied gives a nice tingly feeling that felt quite strange at first but nonetheless quite addicting after a while LOL. This is a lip balm that is worth buying if you suffer from sore, dry, chapped lips and you can practiclly buy it anywhere for £2.50 from to your local drug store. I'll be sure to try the cherry flavoured one out soon. I wonder if it will smell just as good as the original which smells similar to olbus oil. I'm sorry to say this but vaseline just doesn't do it for me anymore..


Geo contact lenses - yay or nay?
I have been extremely tempted to buy a pair of these Geo coloured lenses as they are only $20/approximately £14 - which is a bargain considering they seem as though they can make a huge difference to your look?! Making your eyes appear bigger, brighter etc, what a bloomin miracle, it's just what I need!!! But for once I have refrained myself from making a crazy purchase before researching and reading reviews about them.

I'm eager to know if any of you have not been contact lense wearers before wearing these because I'm a little weary of putting something in my eye and curious to know what it feels like. If you have a pair of these I would loveloveloveeee to view pictures of you wearing them and hear about your thoughts on what you think about them. I'm really taking a liking to the brown and grey ones.. well actually I admit I adore all of them. What colour would you recommend that I buy?
Must dash! Have a listen to my other halfs favourite song at the moment: The black eyed peas - I gotta feeling. I didn't like this song at first but I've warmed to it after a few listens :D it makes me wanna have a little booogie in my room!

Lots of love

Lisa ~


  1. randomly found your blog
    i love circle lenses but i prefer
    dm-23s as i find them more doll-y
    and i like it w/o the obvious limbal
    ring. geo violets are gorgeous though

  2. you're hair is absolutely gorgeous! :)

  3. Hey hun thank you for the bday greeting =)
    and ohh love your gorgeous hair..^_^