Friday, 24 July 2009

Your feet look gorgeous!

Hello girlies,
I'm a massive fan of shoes! This is so cliched but it's true that you can never have too many shoes and it's also the same with clothing. My most recent shoe purchase are these killer French Connection T-bar platform shoes which I have bought to wear to my sisters wedding ♥ They are a mixture of patent and suede with small circular studs dotted all across the sides of each shoe. These would look perfect with a bodycon dress or even leggings and a oversized top!

A few of my fav snaps from Britains Next top Model 2009:


I decided to wack in some clip in extensions that I haven't worn in about 2 years and I've decided i'll be keeping it au naturale in future because my extensions just feel nasty in my hair :( The hair extensions are from 'Sallys' and I bought them for around about £16.00. Hmmm it seems that my camera doesn't capture my hair colour very well in all these pictures grr!! My hair colour is a kinda deep red in 'real life' but the colour has faded ALOT since I last dyed it. I use Schwarzkopf live colour in the shade Red Passion. The contents is: 1 tube of Live Color creme, 1 bottle of developer, 1 tube of Live Color conditioner, 1 pair of gloves and 1 instruction leaflet. I would strongly reccomend you dye your hair lighter if you have very dark brown or black hair before dying it red otherwise the colour will not show very well :D I really can't wait until I change my hair colour! My hair colour that was once bright fiery red (until it faded after about 2 weeks) has become a little dull now >.<

Hope you are all enjoying the summer!

Lots of love



  1. Those shoes look pretty and luv the red color. I really like the details on it. Fab buy. =)

  2. I really like the shoes! They are so cute, but sexy at the same time.. if that's even possible ^_^

  3. those shoes are seriously gorgeous
    i though the studs were holes at first ...

  4. Cute!

    Just discovered your blog btw :)