Saturday, 3 October 2009

Catwalk TIGI hair care

Hi guys!
just a quick post as i am soooooooooo tired after such a long day travelling up and down to winchester, then southampton, back to winchester and finally portsmouth and back home! Me and the boyfee went to Ikea today. I loveeeeee spending hours in there browsing at all the pretty and random things (haha what a sado). But I am soooo broke after this week visiting my boyfriend 3 times getting the train, about 9234472 taxis and spending lots of ££££ on his birthday presents :( no new make up or clothes for me in a while!! Guess thats a good thing, must mean im not selfish ^_^
Anyway i've been using this TIGI curls rock hairspray for a week now since i first got it and it smells amazinggggggggg x1932328! Like bluberries but apparently its 'asian pear' :/ moving on.... this is a great product if you love wearing your hair curly, wavey or just want a out of bed look! It does not leave your hair feeling sticky, dry or hard like some other hair sprays do!

Have a great weekend! Don't party too hard ;)


  1. I love Ikea too! Everything there is so awesome looking! :)

  2. Ohhh I love Ikea! But I never been to a store yet O_O i know weird right lol just seen in online and magazines, their designs are really cool, kind of like modern art or something but with a subtle touch to it :D Hmm that hairspray sounds great! Will look into that :D xxx

  3. Thank youhhh! Yeah I should go to Ikea sometimes ... it's just a bit far from my house >.< my lips got used to blistex now so it doesn't sting anymore but it gives a minty fresh feeling :D i haven't received my contacts yet...i think it might be another 2 weeks or so....>.< but will let you know when i get them :D xxx