Wednesday, 21 October 2009

OOTD - Tired and uninspired

Hi darlings,
sorry for the lack of updates! have got so many deadlines to meet and i'm in the process of applying to university >.< but next week i have half term = a week off college, so look out for more posts!

Floral crochet dress - Ebay shop - ‘Face of fashion’
Suede ribbon lace up brogues - Chloe - Collection Debenhams
love you all


  1. blegh, i shall be applying for college soon... i'm so unsure about what to do,
    and is the title anything thing to do with the song from my american heart ? (:

  2. Awwww applying for UNI sure is a stressful thing, especially to the ones you want to go, all these UCAS points >.< but don't worry you'll get through it! Can't believe your bf is not there for you through this hard time >.< but remember you also got your friends and family that'll be there for you :) I really hope it works out for you!

    Thanks for the comment! Hehe you're like me, I kept on swatching it everytime I went there so in the end I had to get it :D plus they had a £2 off offer so an even better reason to get it lol :D Yup their foundation is really good! It stays on the whole day! I don't have to blot or anything. There is a wide colour range so I'm pretty sure you can find your match =). Which one you using atm? Hehe hope you get your lenses soon!!! I want to see you with them on :D Mine is taking a bit long to come...I'm starting to get worried if it hasn't come through :( I'll give it another week and see if it arrives.


  3. hehehe gdgd ur all okai! ^^ nd Gemini ftw! ;]~ hehe xD tht website keeeels me. lool nd nups i havnt.. wna tho..~~ ><~ bt i dnt rele wna now.. cos like.. them stupid ppl are having postal strikes.. nd its gna tke like FOREVER for em to get here... ill be dead by the tym it cums.. lol hate waitin! xxx

  4. good luck with applying and hope things go well for you btw the dress looks really cute. im def. loving the shoes. :)

  5. I love your outfit pic's
    They're all so cute ^_^