Friday, 23 October 2009

OOTD - Pretty dandy

Good afternoon lovelys!! I am sooosososososososo happy it's the start of halfterm. Time to relax for a week :D and do some more blogging and hopefully start packing my room up for decorating. Eurgh today one of my eyelid was not going right! Do you ever get one eyelid bigger than the other on some days? today that happened to me >.< i can't tell you how annoying it is! Todays outfit was inspired by Alexa Chung, an absolute fashion godess ♥ Black tights are a must have for this Autumn! I love mixing branded items with highstreet, as i have done today:

Orange pocket detailed blouse - French Connection
Khaki pleat bubble hem skirt - Warehouse
Studded belt -
Patent bow strappy heels - Matalan
Have a fabulouso weekend girls


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  2. ZOMG! I totally love your outfit!!! Soooo pretty!!!!! I have similar shoes too! But mine doesn't have a strap >.< I want to go out and buy skirts now :D I don't have any >.< should start now =D

    Yayyyy so glad you're not stressed anymore! Been waiting for half term to come =D

    Yeah you should really treat yourself, you totally deserve it! I think I have seen couvrance in boots too, sounds similar ^.^

    Woo $36 for two pairs is a bargain! Mine was $15 for one pair but thats because it's the black ones and I got $1.50 off too. But yours is arriving pretty early unlike mine took 2months and it just arrived yesterday! Hadn't got around to posting it yet coz need my mums phone to take photos >.< But will definately tomorrow! :D

    Oh and I also get the eyelid problem, and I must agree with you it is so annoying! Hate it when it happens >.< And it's always my right one that decides to budge.


  3. I love alexa Chung (:
    I love your look too!
    I know what you mean about the eyelid thing. I think mines permanent tho :/

  4. Gorgeous love the make up :D
    and Once again I LOVE your oufit :)

  5. Love the outfit girl :)

    You have pretty hair & eye ^____^