Sunday, 1 November 2009

I wish i was like this:

but a leopard never changes its spots
as my boyfriend likes to say to me grr..

I hate that half term has come to an end :( back to college tomorrowwwww and i'm i know i'm in deep trouble as i've done nil work! ! I need some motivation. I guess i'll always be a last minute person though >.<

Thank you new followers



  1. lol! sme here.. college tmr~ nd no work done at all~~ x[!~ ah wels... xxx

  2. Thats a funny picture!
    im not very motivated at the moment either i blame facebook :P

  3. yeah I haven't been very motivated. everything I do these days I do about half of it and leave it not finishing the job hahaha I dunno... maybe it's the weather on all of us?! Oh well hope you get your motivation back (and me too!)

  4. Aww you welcome sweetie! I am currently 'trying' to revise for Chemistry and Biology >_< so long and I was suppose to do some work during the half term but I didn't even touch it =_= so did it on a Sunday night and went sleep at 2am =_= *fail* lol. How about you? Got any exams coming up?