Friday, 6 November 2009

OOTD - Full of checks

I think it's about time i uploaded another outfit of the day. Today i thought i'd wear my new blazer i bought on tuesday (from Red herring - Debenhams) before the weather gets too cold for cropped jackets and a checked dress that i also got recently, which can be found in TK Max. Please excuse the crap quality of the pictures, i swear my camera is going nuts! >.<

I know brogues aren't to everyones taste but i think they look cute and less masculine
teamed up with a pretty little dress, locket or layered necklaces and opaque black tights
Two songs i can't stop listening to at the moment - Kelly Clarkson - Already gone & If no one will listen.
'if no one will listen, if you decide to speakkkk. if no ones left standing after the bombs explode
and if no one wants to look at you for what you really are. i'll still be hereeeeeeeeee still' (8)
i love a good sing a long when no one is at home :D
I am craving for a strawberries and cream frap at starbucks right now :'(
someone bring me one, please?
and last but not least,
i NEED a hug


  1. Awww what a pretty outfit! I love the blazer and brouges especially! I recently been wanting a pair, they been eyeing me from the window shops >_<. Though I don't know how I can pull them off. But I really want a pair >_< I'm just scared I'm not going to wear it if I can't find something to go with it TT__TT


  2. woow
    I really like this outfit!
    I love these shoes :) I have similiar, but black :) You have great legs sweetie!


    xo xo

  3. Yayyy! Definately treat yourself =)

    Your lenses are not going to take as long as mine did though. I am starting to like the black ones now xD They just look weird on their own but nice with some liner and mascara xD ohh and hair of course! hehe though still want 2 more pairs...^o^

    Aww and I am giving you a big huggie! <3


  4. *hugs* ^__^

    & cute outfit!

    Omg, I am currently loving Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone too :)