Friday, 6 November 2009

The reason i like autumn...

is because it's another reason to buy a new pair of boots :)
i love boooooooots, the more buckles the better. i saw the most gorgeous pair of lace up purple boots in Dune today but they didn't have them in my size :( gutted! i am dying for a pair of uggs though to keep my feet warm in these chilly months. santa (mum) please leave me a pair under my Christmas tree this year, i will be happy forever maybe..
all boots available from - now ship internationally!

have a lovely weekend girls
i will be spending mine on my own.. catching up with work. fun


  1. Yes BOOTS! I want to get a nice pair for this autumn/winter. I just recently bought fake UGGs lol I see soooooo many people with the real ones though and it just make me wonder, I mean some of them don't look like they should be lashing out their money to get it (not in a rude way) Is it now become a must have to have the real ones? I mean yeah it's pretty nice and much better quality but I'm not sure if I would be wearing them for the next winter.

    Hehe glad you like the make-up! I was only lucky to come out like that though lol, tried doing it again but with different colours and failed!!!!!!!!! Dramatically that is, I looked like I got punched in the eye >_< lol OMG I been using blistex like crazyyyyyyyyy lately, I just can't live without that thing. Btw have your lenses come through yet? I think I am seriously going to order 2 more pairs O_O I need to try them out! LOL!


  2. I recently got a pair of riding boots! And I can't wait to try them out! :)