Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I love that it's now officially Spring!

I can't express how much i love it when this time of the year comes around to greet us with warmer weather, brighter evenings and clear blue skys! i'm one of those people who despises everything to do with winter (except for cute warm coats and boots) but now it's time to get out the pretty, delicate clothes in preperation for the summer - yay. i'm soooo excited to wear pastel colours, florals, bright lipstick and most importantly SHOES because i practically live in boots all winter. spring makes me too happy like a kid in a candy shop!!!

i was kindly greeted to these floral printed leggings when i returned home from college from my mummy which was such a nice surprise. she finally understands what clothes im into now! after so many years we have a result.. haha *rolls eyes*. these leggings look much more dramatic in real life so i'm not sure if i should return them and buy a pair from topshop because the ones that are in topshop at the moment are more wearable and make less of a statement if you understand what i'm trying to say?

What do you love most about spring?


  1. I love this seasons lace detailed tops and skirts too. I think this seasons from Topshop and Miss selfridge have really nice selction of clothing for this spring/summer line.

    *just like to add*my word verification to post this comment were Pervert* lol

  2. Definately lighter clothes!!Cant stand any more those heavy winter coats!!!

  3. Ahahaa, spring is Bee-eeww-ti-ful! ;))
    Floral skirts are wayy IN.

  4. oohh i saw a japanese brand with those kinds of legging!! I wanna see them on you!

  5. to lisa - for some reason my internet never allows me to visit your blog :( which is really frustrating!

  6. i want...... a pair of high wasted shorts

    i love those leggings so cute
    it put me in a spring mood

    cute blog, gonna have a look through and follow

    check mine out its new and i need all the help i can get !!

    georgia xxxx