Saturday, 13 March 2010

Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser

I think i have found the most wonderful cleanser in the worlddd for my skin which is extremely dry and sensitive. I often suffer from eczema on my face especially in the winter months so my skin has always been quite problematic for me as having dry patches of skin is NOT a good look. I have used so many products in the past which promised to help dry and sensitive skin but didn't do anything for my skin other than make it feel even more irritable, tight and dryer than it was before! It has been hard work trying to find the perfect cleanser for my skin, and now that i've finally found it i would love to share it with you lovely bloggers.
I have been using the cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser every night for the past two weeks and it has made major improvements to how my skin looks and feels. I will definately repurchase this in the future and i can't express enough how much i love this product, i don't even have a bad word to say about it! I always used to dread the time when it came to remove my make up but now i look forward to it as i no longer have to suffer from red dry skin and itchy eyes when trying to take off mascara using other make up removers. Another thing that i can ensure you is that it removes waterproof mascara and foundation so well yet so easily. It is the most gentle cleanser and is such a treat every time i use it as it leaves my skin feeling literally like a baby's bottom. Using this cleanser has made me feel as though i can go out without any make up on my face without feeling conscious - yes it's that amazing! AND i only have to use two pumps to remove my make up and cleanse my face! in comparison to other make up and face cleansers, i have to clean my face four times to remove the daily grime using cotton wool pads and then use a face wash. This cleanser however is very eco friendly, you just remove the product using a muslin cloth which is re-usable!
This cleanser is packed full of natural ingredients from cocoa butter, chamomile, to beeswax to moisturise and soothe the skin. I believe this cleanser is suitable for all skin types and i would reccomend it to anyone reading this, so please go and try it out - they even have a 30ml bottle available for £5.00 which would be excellent for taking on holiday etc. I have even converted my sister into using this, who has normal to oily skin and i have noticed that it has cleared up her blemishes in such a short amount of time. It's such a promising product. I can guarantee you won't go back to using any other cleanser as this Liz earle one leaves skin looking fresh, healthy and radiant! i mean, what more could you want?
30ml - £5.00
100ml - £11.50
200ml - £21.50

For more information check out the Liz Earle website -
Anyway i think i better go now before i talk about my love for this product all day. I hope you enjoyed reading my little review!
Have you ever used this before? What did you think about it?


  1. great review! this sounds like a wonderful cleanser :) xx

  2. Moving away could be a good thing and could change ur life completely! From meeeting new people to gaining new experiences plus the whole independent thing! :)

    Good luck with it chick! Make the most of it cos u only epxerience uni life once!

    I'm studying Graphic Design atm and used to go to Manchester Met! :) ..although it it was a bit poops lol

    Haha how funny, but yea I LOVE green tea it is my fave! I drink that alot and hot water too during the monthly!

    This cleanser sounds awesome...I may have to try it! As I have eczema too so my skin is quite dry during the winter periods but sumtimes a bit oily during the T zone! Its soo annoying cos it changes often lol!

    Biotherm cleanser is also quite good, its the best one ive tried so far!

    Oh just wondering since you have dry skin do you recommend any good foundations for our type of skin?

    Love Love

  3. I was going to try this but stuck with my dermalogica.

    Thanks for sharing =)

  4. awww My friend has dry skin all year round too but she has lovely skin!

    But I feel for you cos when its dry its so annoying as you have flaky bits and it feels un smooth! But positive side to it is that it's not as troublesome as having oily skin!

    Haha noo sorry I wasn't askign for advice just wondered on the brand of foundation you use because theres so many to choose from and I've tried quite a few so thought I'd see what other people use who has dry skin! :)

    Haha yeaa deffoo I only trust the make up experts advice lol! Currently I'm using Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer!

    Yea Manchester Met isn't that good well...then again it does depends on the subject your studying!

    Hows ur uni apps going?

  5. Ohh ive contemplated in buying Liz Earle products a few time... if I have the chance to go back to UK, I'll def pre-order something so I can collect it when I'm there!! I want to try their masks and the famous muslin cloths! thanks for the review! i think cleansing is one of the most important step of the routine, I agree if you get that step right, the other steps are much easier to follow!