Friday, 25 September 2009

I want want want

Dear readers,
here I am again during my free lesson at college being very productive (not) browsing at clothes. I think i'll do just about anything to get out of doing work! I've found these items which will be perfect for my autumn/winter wardrobe. I wish H&M would have a proper online site which you could order clothes from grr..
♥ this adorable outfit which I've gathered: - £39.00 - £65

I think i'll be able to get some of this after the boyfriends birthday XD


  1. Totally Chanelesue it's super nice, I'm loving the skirt too!

    Btw Asos has 20% off for a week only

    The discount code will be on my page tonight


  2. Really nice range there! I absolutely love that bag at the top! Because it can be worn casual or elegant.

    Aww nuuu I really hoped you could coz then we would probably get it at the same time :D Yeah the site does take quite a bit to close the bath unfortunately, definately coz not a lot of people know about it >.< So yeah would be a good thing for you to advertise it =D I struggled with putting the normal daily contatcs on, took me about half an hour just to put one in one eye. I was such a newbie LOL

    Yup I'm Vietnamese. I already knew you were because you said it in the first/second post :D and I was like woahhh that's so kewl! :D YEAH! Nguyen is far too common =_= gawd LOL xxx

  3. Great outfit you put together, love the bag especially.