Friday, 18 September 2009

The most wonderful packaging

Dear readers,
I've found some time to start blogging again - during my free lessons at college eventhough I should be cracking on with work but nevermind. I visited the doctor this morning and he has finally found out what is wrong with me after I've been suffering from aches and pains caused by these lumps that have appeared on my legs. I have Erythema nodosum >.< Anyway moving on.. I love how companies are now getting creative with their packaging. I just came across these unique face powders by the brand: 'B Never Too Busy To Be' which I've never heard of before until I browsed on beauty section. These blushers and bronzers range from £10.75 to £18.60. I especially love Paul and Joe's make up packaging ♥

Better get back to work now Zzz..
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend
Lots of love



  1. *swoon*
    they are absolutely gorgeous
    mee waaaaant


  2. Awww I hope you get better soon!

    Ahaha blogging in college? I totally understand =) my 6th form is amazingly boring =_= I only come for lessons xD

    Those are really pretty packaging! I'm a sucker for that too >.< I can't resist! It makes my make-up area pretty! LOL

  3. I hope your health improves soon!

    Paul and Joe do have wonderful packaging! :)

  4. are those swarovski crystals? Well even if they're not, its gorgeous!

  5. The packaging is really pretty^^
    Thanks for following my blog~

  6. awh, that's really cute!
    why can't all makeup packaging be as cute as that?

  7. you are adorable. why is it that all girls demonstrating makeup tips are so cute looking... me just a shih tzu . cannot makeup. this is me

  8. Those tins are abs gorgeous!! So cute, I especially love the blue one :) Lush blog hun, I followed xo