Wednesday, 2 September 2009

O.P.I and Nail Art

It's about time I posted something!

(Hawaiian Orchid - A06)
I decided to try this pearly finish nail varnish in the most gorgeous light pink with lots of shimmer running through it. I painted about 3 coats to get this result and dragged the nail art nail polish's to create the 'zebra' like design. I must admit I am going to stick with Matte polish's in future ;) I'm too much of a Matte girl

Please excuse the tatty cuticles!
Don't worry I applied some SolarOil after taking this picture...
If your all in for nails then you should get a bottle of this oil which contains Vitamin E. It is brillianttttt because:
  • Lasts a long time (you can get many uses out of the 15ml)
  • Smells of yummy almonds ^_^
  • Non greasy

Lots of love


  1. Loving your nails! I can never make a straight line like that with those nail art polishes. Did you do it yourself? =) x

  2. Heyy, yes i did the nail art myself :) you just start from the side and gently drag the brush to the other side using only a small amount of polish

  3. Woahhh you're soooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!! xDDD and thank you for the birthday wish! <3 and about the lenses, they are extremely easy to put on and take off, well at first I did have a lil bit of trouble but the second time was easy peasy! Taking it off is even easier, you just slide it, pinch it and woot they're off! They are quite comfy..but lately I been getting really watery eyes from it, I definately do not think it's the lenses because it never irritated before, I think it's the solution and eyedrops I am using. Eeekk needa get a new one! I am ordering another pair already LOL wanted to order 2 but mum started shouting T___________T

  4. Omg! I know right! Blogspot should do something where you can reply to the person who comment you! Humpf >.< Ohh I got mine for like $20 but I had to pay extra $7 for international shipping. So everything was like £17, and in paypal you don't need to put money on it. If your card is registered there then paypal will transfer your money from your card to the seller. Ohh and it immediately does the exchange rate for you as well! So it's all pretty good! Hope that helps! xD