Wednesday, 30 September 2009

My first award!

I have been tagged by the lovely owner of the blog:
I reccommend you check out her blog she creates amazing make up looks!
Rule - to list 10 things about myself:
1. I lovelovelove starbucks, especially strawberry and cream frappuccino ♥
2. I'm 17 - a summer baby born in June!
3. I have a sweet addiction hhah yum yum I wouldn't turn down something sugary
4. My favourite clothing shop is Urban Outfitters eventhough we don't have one here in Portsmouth :(
5. I wish to go to NYC sometime soon *prays*
6. I can't go a day without not having my nails painted
7. I love that my boyfriend now lives 50 minutes away from me now rather than 4 hours!
8. I'm a shorty 5 foot 4 >.<
9. I study English language, Psychology and Health and Social care at college
10. My make up must have for anyone is eyeliner
Sorry for not blogging for a few days girls!!
I have been a little busy recently with the bf etc etc
A huge thank you to you again for the reward!
Hope you all have a wonderful week

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