Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Rockinnn it

Just thought i'd show you some amazing pieces
before i start doing some homework..


  1. Yeyyyyy! I only placed an order but the batch hasn't closed yet so I'm still waiting. They should take no longer than 2 weeks to arrive from the day that it gets shipped to your home :DD can't wait to get mine. Which one you planning to order? x

  2. LOL I got a lot of homework too >.< and thanks for sharing the studs trend :D I really want to get fingerless leather gloves >.<

  3. Woo! Green would look great on you because you got that brown/red colour hair! :D But if you want something more natural then go for brown ones =) I'm getting the black ones O_O hope I don't look too unnatural LOL mum told me to get black ones O_O so yeah ...

    When I placed my order, the girl that runs the business gave me about a week until she send me the invoice. So you don't have to pay straight away but she might do, so she can send the orders out to GEO.

    Zomg! You're like me, I leave it to the last minute as well thats why I keep waking up with bags under my eyes. I don't go sleep till about 2am! Bad habit >.< LOL

    Ohh and if you refer me that would be awsome! Say that it was Linh Nguyen My :D Thank you so muchie! <3

  4. Those shoes and all these studs are so hot and chic!

  5. WOW those pink studded heels are HOT & CUTE!

  6. you get a great sense of fashion!
    i love those stuffs